After storming back with the epic ‘Make Some Noise’ music video from their Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, the rap icons are back with a new video which sees them demonstrating that they are single-handedly trying to take the art of the music video back to the level of works of art that we came to expect when record companies had money and a film clip was essential to a band rather than a Facebook fan page.

“Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” sees Beastie Boys bringing us a tongue in cheek “explicit action adventure spectacular.” With a treatment by the Beastie’s Adam Yauch and directed by the group’s longtime collaborator, film icon Spike Jonze, The Continuingly Ill Adventures of the Beastie Boys sees the exploits of MCA, Mike D, and Ad-Rock portrayed by action figures, as well as Santigold (who contributes guest vocals on the track).

The resulting clip is an entertaining bit of nonsense which sees the Beasties being attacked during a performance before they embark on a chase against their attackers which genuflects to Team America and GI Joe and every overblown action sequence you’ve ever sat through. Check it out here: