Nickelback bassist Mike Kroeger has tried his best to explain the meaning behind the band’s ever-perplexing hit ‘Rockstar’. 

Speaking on the Kyle Meredith With… podcast (via, Kroeger explained that the band had intended to write a “comedy” song when penning the track’s lyrics.

“The stuff we wrote, those lyrics – we were thinking about, ‘how absurd can we possibly be?’ We wanted to write a song of absurdity, of comedy,” he said.

He continued: “The topics that we touched on in those lyrics we still find preposterous to this day. It’s just funny stuff and all the Spinal Tap stories that are based and rooted in fact, which makes them even more funny- I think.”

“These are the kind of things that when you’re in a rock band you laugh about, things like people throwing televisions out of hotel rooms, and things like that – that’s just, I think, it’s part of the big myth and the big fable, it’s great.”

After having seemingly confirmed that the track was a parody all along, he also went on to explain that “a lot” of the other songs from the All the Right Reasons album were “autobiographical” for Chad Kroeger.

“A lot of it is Chad being autobiographical… a lot of it is that, I would say the bulk of it, because we learned early on that it’s not easy to write lyrics for another person,” he said.

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“The person who has to sing this stuff is probably the person who should be writing it, because the words that come out of your mouth, ultimately, they’re your words, and it’s nicer if you’ve kind of thought of them,” he concluded.

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