The year 2014 was massive for Sydney trio DMA’s who charmed Aussie hearts with their tip of the bucket hat to ’90s Britpop hit ‘Delete’, however it appears there’s one man they’re yet to impress.

Noel Gallagher, a figure once at the very forefront of Britpop with the iconic outfit Oasis, claims he’s never heard of the band, but he’ll definitely boo them when he sees them live, he revealed in a recent interview.

The 47-year old appeared quite confused at the band’s name, questioning what on earth DMA’s stood for, “DMA’s? So there’s a capital ‘D’ for Derek, ‘M’ for Michael and ‘A’ for Australia, then an apostrophe ‘s’, okay. No, I can’t say I’ve had the displeasure of listening to it yet.”

The interviewer noted that Gallagher was unquestionably a major influence of the band, to which he responded, “Really? Oh, in what way? Do you think they sound like Oasis?”

After which The Music writer noted that Oasis were of course better, he continued, “I mean surely that would go without saying. Well, when I wake up tomorrow, extremely hungover, I shall maybe get on my computer and see if I can find anything by these fuckin’ DMA’s,” hey, at least the band have finally caught his attention, right?

“I shall maybe get on my computer and see if I can find anything by these fuckin’ DMA’s” – Noel Gallagher

Gallagher was then informed he is performing at the same festival as the up-and-coming Aussie outfit at New York City’s unbelievably cool Governor’s Ball Festival later this year, to which he presumably (we hope) joked, “I’ll have to watch them from side of stage and boo them.”

The elder Gallagher brother is running hot after the release of his debut record as Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, an album we deemed more “hit” than “shit”, and is playing a string of live performances around the globe – a high potential for upcoming Aussie music festivals in 2015.

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