Northlane have something big coming, if their mysterious new companion is anything to go by; a strange chat bot that offers cryptic questions, and even more cryptic answers, all as part of some sort of larger game.

It’s an interesting tease from the UNFD signed band, who have released their rogue AI into the wild along with a stunning three-minute video for something called ‘M E S M E R’ that, while seeming like a teaser clip, is actually a spacious, brooding single in its own right.

The chat bot and the video seem to be connected, too, with the bot revealing certain still frames if you push its buttons right, and the video apparently containing coded messages. The YouTube comments are helping to piece things together, but for now we’re not sure exactly what it’ll all lead to.

You can talk to the bot yourself right here, grab ‘M E S M E R’ here, and watch the gorgeous video below. Maybe there’s even a hidden clue in this article…?* Happy hunting.

YouTube VideoPlay

* There isn’t. We’re as in the dark here as you are.

…or maybe there is?

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