John Key is the 38th Prime Minister of New Zealand. You may know him best for being that world leader who pulled a waitress’s ponytail a while back. He’s also probably John Oliver’s favourite politician.

But weird ponytail fetishes aside, Key is also father to a son, Max Key. Max is a noted rich kid of Instagram, regularly posting photos of himself shirtless on some tropical resort somewhere or watching his dad sign things.

Max is also an EDM producer and recently unveiled his second single, ‘Paradise’, which is an almost instantly forgettable piece of dance pop that probably won’t hurt anyone. The music video, however, is a different matter altogether.

The first-person video clip opens with Key waking up on an opulent estate in bed with a model. The two engage in some playful pillow fighting before Key must away to his Lambo, which he drives to his helicopter. No, really.

What’s perhaps most remarkable about the clip, besides its absolutely non-sequitur plot and editing and general cheesiness, is how it managed to look both ridiculously expensive and utterly cheap and tacky at the same time.

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