Have you ever wondered what the process is behind writing an amazing song? Now, Paces and Yorke have attempted to answer that question in celebration of their latest single, ‘Vertigo’.

By now, you’ve probably been lucky enough to hear ‘Vertigo’, an amazing collaboration between Queensland producer Paces and Byron Bay’s Yorke.

An upbeat, feel-good summer anthem, ‘Vertigo’ has all the hallmarks of a tune destined for chart success, with its slick beat, catchy lyrics, and quirky vocal hook drawing us in as it goes on.

To give us all a bit of insight into just what went on behind the scenes, Paces and Yorke caught up for a chat over a kebab in Byron Bay to discuss just where the origins of ‘Vertigo’ lie.

Check out ‘Vertigo (feat. Yorke)’ by Paces:


Discussing the vocals of the track, Yorke was quick to note that her recurring high-pitched sound actually came following an accidental hiccup in the studio, leading to her attempting to mimic the sound during the writing process.

“That’s sort of how the song started,” she explained, “and I wrote it in about an hour, it was a really quick write.”

Likewise, Paces explained how he knew from the start that the song was destined to be a big one.

“I loved the vocals when you sent them to me,” he admitted to Yorke. “I had like a 40-minute window on a plane trip, to just try something, and I reckon I wrote 90% of the music on that one plane trip.

“And I instantly knew that I loved it, and then I came home and spent two weeks tinkering on it, but 90% of it was done just on a quick plane trip,” he concluded. “So I guess both of were knocking it out as fast as possible.”

Check out the full chat between these two musicians below, and be sure to give ‘Vertigo’ a listen on your preferred streaming service!

Check out Paces x Yorke – Behind ‘Vertigo’: