Original KISS drummer Peter Criss was in Australia recently, for his “final” show, and spoke to Loud Mag about the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame’s decision to only induct the four original members of KISS, and to snub subsequent members Eric Singer, Bruce Kulick, Tommy Thayer, and Eric Carr. It turns out that Criss agrees.

“I think it was just the original four. We’re the guys who started it, we’re the guys who got back in ’72 playing in the loft, we’re the guys who put on the make-up, we’re the guys who made it with the make-up.

“We’re the guys who came out with all the earlier, all the first five big albums. Definitely the four of us should only be inducted.”

He also takes blame for the Hall Of Fame failing to honour the band earlier, saying it was the group’s dysfunction that lead to the long delay.

“All you’ve gotta do I guess is read our books”, he explains. “It’s not a secret there was just not good blood amongst us the first time around… And we should have went in way back when and we didn’t. That’s all I got to say about it. I don’t really get into the thing about it, ’cause we’d be here for hours discussing it.

“I was just happy for the kid from Brooklyn; I did not grow up wealthy, I grew up really tough. To be inducted, I felt very honored. I was like, ‘wow, I’ve really worked hard for this’. Besides being in the band, I myself as a musician have worked many, many years playing and writing music. And I just felt, wow, and it’s in my hometown Brooklyn, it was a great honor. I wish my parents were able to see it.”

Read the entire interview over at Loud Mag.

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