Ever since Genesis finished up their reunion tour back in 2007, fans have been asking themselves whether or not the iconic group will ever get back together once again. Now, Phil Collins has said that he’s keen on the idea, but only if his son takes over on drumming duties.

Earlier this year, speculation was once again raised in regards to a Genesis reunion, with founding member Tony Banks noting that he and former bassist Mike Rutherford have discussed the possibility of getting the band back together.

“We don’t rule it out. It’d be fun to try,” he said. “But Phil’s [Collins] gotta survive his tour first of all and we’ll see where it goes,” referring to the fact that Phil Collins no longer drums due to injuries sustained during Genesis’ last reunion.

“His son did a very good job for him,” Banks conceded, suggesting Collins’ son could take over as the group’s drummer. “He sounds incredibly like Phil when he plays.”

Now, it seems like Phil Collins agrees with this assessment, naming his son as his possible replacement.

Speaking to Rolling Stone recently, Phil Collins made mention of a Genesis reunion while discussing his current Not Dead Yet tour, which has seen the rocker perform with his son Nicholas on drums.

“I wouldn’t say there isn’t not a possibility,” Collins explained. “Me, Mike and Tony are pretty close still. I can’t imagine what it would be like if I didn’t play the drums, but anything is possible.”

“They both were raving about Nic,” Collins explained in regards to Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks’ thoughts on his current tour. “Mike made the appropriate comment of, ‘He just gets it. He just gets what is needed and what is required and why you’re doing this for that song.’”

“I thought that was a wonderful thing to say. He was 16 at that point. I think that, yeah, if we did anything I think it would have to be with Nic on drums because I don’t think I’m capable of it. I think their opinion of Nic is high enough for them to take him onboard as part of the band.”

While the key figures in the band seem rather keen on a reunion, all we have to do now is get guitarist Steve Hackett involved, and (if we’re feeling really ambitious) original singer Peter Gabriel. Stranger things have definitely happened, so who knows what the future holds?

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