The music industry is undoubtedly in crisis mode at the moment, with the global pandemic that is COVID-19 causing events, tours, and festivals to be cancelled, and robbing artists, performers, and those in the creative industry of a dependable income.

While a number of initiatives have sprung up to help support artists in this current time, the most effective way to continue supporting creatives is to buy their music and merch, hold onto any postponed tour tickets, and above all, stream their music as often as possible.

Here’s a list we’ll regularly update with community radio music directors from around the country of Australian artists much loved and supported by community radio and its dedicated listeners. Their music has been a source of strength, inspiration and connection. Some of these tracks are new releases, and others from artists who would otherwise be traveling and touring at this time.

Aeron Clark, Edge Radio 99.3FM’s Music Director, continues this series with Australian music available on Amrap’s AirIt service to help compile a playlist of the best Aussie tunes doing the rounds on community radio to show your support to. As Aeron explains:

“It’s been nearly three months since anyone I know has seen any live music. Artists are often the first to organise and fundraise in times of need but they were one of the first to be suddenly and severely affected by necessary social distancing directives.

“Musicians can’t earn any money from gigs right now, so consider spending some cash on your favourites’ Bandcamp pages or buying some merchandise if you are fortunate enough to have the means.

“There’s no common theme, thread or logic to the songs I’ve included in this list. It’s hard to focus on anything, even on enjoying music, when the entire world seems to be falling apart around you. These are songs that have somehow managed to cut through the mess in my head and hold my attention.”

Check out ‘Anthem For The End Of The World’ by Huck Hastings:


Huck Hastings – ‘Anthem For The End Of The World’

Hastings issues a timely reminder to immerse ourselves in moments of joy and beauty, even when everything appears hopeless.

Peter Bibby – ‘Oceans’

Bibby’s always been a wonderful storyteller, but there’s a heightened desperation in his vocals on this new song that I find transfixing.

Nat Vazer – ‘For A Moment’

Taken from Vazer’s stunning new album Is This Offensive And Loud? (Hotel Motel Records), the woozy guitars on this one had me hooked within seconds.

Sarah Mary Chadwick – ‘When Will Death Come’

I didn’t go to Chadwick’s Please Daddy album launch a couple of months ago because I was tired. In my defense, I didn’t know gigs were going to stop suddenly just a few weeks later, but it’s definitely one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made.

Check out ‘Wah’ by The Buoys:


The Buoys – ‘Wah’

The immensely enjoyable Sydney four-piece have announced their recent signing to the excellent Spunk Records with this delectably dense two minute slice of rage pop.

Ernest Ellis – ‘Be The Pariah’

“The sand’s made up of intricately shattered mirrored sunglasses and whitened teeth.” This brooding new narrative from Ernest Ellis sets a jarringly detailed scene and it’s fucking beautiful.

Heart Beach – ‘Otherside’

The new single from Heart Beach is crunchy and noisy, and filled with their trademark observations of the minutiae of daily life.

Miiesha – ‘Hold Strong’

Taken from Miiesha’s debut album Nyaaringa (EMI), a brilliant, soulful statement of self-belief.

Check out ‘AGAG’ by Nocon:



NOCON is the new project from Jamie Timony (MOSSY/These New South Whales) and Jake O’Brien and ‘AGAG’ is their delightfully scuzzy debut single.

e4444e – ‘Wind Nocturne’

This glorious, bell-drenched song from e4444e (Romy Church) features on the album Coldstream Road, due on June 12 (Spunk Records).

Biblemami – ‘act ur age’

Canberra’s Biblemami came bursting out of the gates with this addictive debut anthem that, let’s be honest, I’ll probably be quoting until I’m dead.

DRMNGNOW – ‘Survive’

The most important thing I’ve learned from Neil Morris is that I need to try harder, and be better. ‘Survive’ is a powerful statement of Indigenous resilience and strength in the face of the horrors of colonisation.

Check out ‘A Ghost’ by Marcus Whale:


Marcus Whale – ‘A Ghost’

It’s been four years since Marcus Whale’s last album, Inland Sea. I didn’t realise how much I’ve missed him until I heard this.

High Shine – ‘Shakedown’

This warming dose of indie pop is the first taste of High Shine, the new solo project of Hobart’s Emma Marson (Catsuit, Peak Body).

Scabz – ‘What You Stand For’

Newtown trio Scabz don’t mince words. They say what they think, plain and simple, and it’s exactly what we need to hear.

Primo! – ‘Perfect Paper’

I don’t know about you, but I struggle to think of something more perfect than a garage pop song about stationery. I love stationery. I also love Primo!’s new album Sogni (ANTI FADE). Did I mention I love stationery?

Check out ‘Christian Neurosurgeon’ by RVG:


RVG – ‘Christian Neurosurgeon’

I have a startlingly vivid memory of hearing this song for the first time when RVG performed at A Festival Called Panama last year. Their new album Feral is superb and you should listen to it immediately.

SUPEREGO – ‘Simulacra’

SUPEREGO are one of the most exciting and powerful acts to emerge in recent years in Australia. This is taken from their intense debut EP Nautilus, released a couple of months ago (Allbreed Agency).

El Tee – ‘Everything Is Fine’

The title track from El Tee’s debut album, announced for release in September of this year.

Party Dozen – ‘Auto Loser’/’The PDD’

Taken from Party Dozen’s second album Pray For Party Dozen (Grupo Records). The sound that Kirsty Tickle and Jonathan Boulet create is immense and invigorating.

Check out ‘Mess Of Me’ by A. Swayze & The Ghosts:


A. Swayze & The Ghosts – ‘Mess Of Me’

Hobart’s sweatiest four-piece should have just arrived back home from an international tour, but that’ll have to wait. Buy some merch instead?

Quivers – ‘Videostores’

Another instant classic from Quivers, brimming with tender lyrics and rousing choruses. I miss videostores.

Check out our ever-growing playlist of community radio picks: