The music industry is undoubtedly in crisis mode at the moment, with the global pandemic that is COVID-19 causing events, tours, and festivals to be cancelled, and robbing artists, performers, and those in the creative industry of a dependable income.

While a number of initiatives have sprung up to help support artists in this current time, the most effective way to continue supporting creatives is to buy their music and merch, hold onto any postponed tour tickets, and above all, stream their music as often as possible.

Here’s a list we’ll regularly update with community radio music directors from around the country of Australian artists much loved and supported by community radio and its dedicated listeners. Their music has been a source of strength, inspiration and connection. Some of these tracks are new releases, and others from artists who would otherwise be traveling and touring at this time.

Firas Massouh, Music Director at 3PBS FM in Melbourne, continues this series with Australian music available on Amrap’s AirIt service to help compile a playlist of the best Aussie tunes doing the rounds on community radio to show your support to.

Check out ‘Grand Ideas’ by Alice Skye:


Alice Skye – ‘Grand Ideas’

This is a timely comment on grappling with one’s own restlessness in a world that seems to be increasingly going out of control. Perhaps these compelling words from Alice Skye will offer some guidance though.

Natalie Slade – ‘Love Light’

A lush, soulful song from Sydney-based artist Natalie Slade, ‘Love Light’ has an infectious groove that’ll move your feet and take your breathe away.

Paul Kelly – ‘Hummin’ To Myself’

This ode to isolation couldn’t have come at a better time. It is so quintessentially ‘Melbourne’ and the video is very cool too, showing the great Paul Kelly kicking a footy on his lonesome. Watching it, all I can think about is just how wonderful it would be to kick a footy with him and a few other local legends.

Anna Cordell – ‘Departure’

Having only released her first album in a decade just in February, Anna Cordell returns with a new single, ‘Departure’, a song that speaks to the experience of isolation. It was written and recorded a couple of years ago, long before COVID isolation, and has an uplifting and hopeful air to it.

Check out ‘Jewels’ by Dianas:


Dianas – ‘Jewels’

Playful orchestration and thought-provoking vocal harmonies are at the heart of this ethereal song from Melbourne alt-pop trio Dianas. This one is a great example of their clever song writing on their recent album Baby Baby.

Garry Havrillay – ‘Kemani’

Garry Havrillay is an avid explorer of unlikely sounds from all corners of the world. On ‘Kemani’ he makes some interesting musical connections and pays tribute to an old Turkish folk tune by master composer Kemani Memduh Bey.

The album on which this track features is called Gravity. In true Garry Havrillay style, it offers both urgency and a calming energy in an increasingly chaotic world.

The Meanies – ‘Cruel To Be Caned’

An instant hit, this is a banging rock song with lots of drive and plenty of heart.

Thibault – ‘Centrelink’

The first single from Thibault’s upcoming album Or Not Thibault, ‘Centrelink’ feels like a beautiful pastiche; like, the musical equivalent of a Wes Anderson movie or something.

Zig Zag – ‘Crying All The Way To The Bank’

This critical interrogation of the relationship between art, money and life is still my favourite track to come out of Melbourne this year so far. Enough said. Play it loud and let the music speak for itself.

Check out our ever-growing playlist of community radio picks: