In a city where any arsehole in a leather jacket can play by-the-numbers rock’n’roll for a quick buck, it’s always refreshing to see a band such as Top Lip. This a band with zero preoccupation in trend or cred points – hell, they’re probably not even all that fazed if a red or green drum appears next to their songs on Unearthed. Top Lip remind you of the simple joys of kicking around in a garage with some twanging guitars and some good mates. It’s a simplistic but sound subversion of the self-serious scenesters shilling shallow singles.

By the same token, Bloods have been making their presence felt for years, charming the jeans off any and all lucky enough to witness them in the flesh. Their love of Blitzkrieg bopping, indie rocking and bubblegum popping is an instant joy to behold, and tonight it’s as wonderfully loose and entertaining as always. With a fill-in lead guitarist (“He learned these songs last night!” bassist/vocalist Sweetie Zamora informs) joining them, the entire set seems to fly by the seat of its pants – again, a timely reminder as ever that rock’n’roll is fun. Ring the bell if you want it.


“Did you think you had tickets to someone else?” Staring out at what would be the first of two sold-out crowds at Oxford Art Factory, vocalist/guitarist David Novak is stunned at the packed-in masses that have filled the room from wall to wall. Not his little band, surely? Not after a few years of straight-up hustle, touring and the release of their shit-hot debut LP?

Truthfully, the biggest surprise is Polish Club didn’t catch on sooner. Just watch the way they play off one another – drummer John-Henry Pajak is an unstoppable force to Novak’s immovable object. He breaks sticks and blasts beats, while Novak howls like he’s been possessed by the spirit of Otis Redding.

Theirs is an immediate, fiery urgency, and one that is illuminated by their live show. ‘My House’ and ‘Beeping’ charge out of the gates, ‘Don’t Fuck Me Over’ oozes soul and a breakneck cover of The Strokes’ ‘Someday’ busts out the early-2000s dancing shoes.

By the time big-swinging single ‘Come Party’ rolls around, no-one in the room needs a second invitation. Novak starts up a call-and-response of the words ‘fuck’ and ‘yeah’ in quick succession, and it succinctly sums up the entire night.

Polish Club played Oxford Art Factory on Thursday May 4 and Friday May 5, and the tour continues – dates below.

This article was originally published on The Brag.

Polish Club’s ‘Come Party’ tour

MAY 4 THU – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney – SOLD OUT
MAY 5 FRI – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney – SOLD OUT
MAY 11 THU – Small Ballroom, Newcastle – LIMITED TICKETS
MAY 12 FRI – Rad Bar, Wollongong – SOLD OUT
MAY 13 SAT – Republic Bar, Hobart – TICKETS
MAY 19 FRI – Rocket Bar, Adelaide – SOLD OUT
MAY 20 SAT – Amplifier, Perth – TICKETS
MAY 25 THU -The Foundry, Brisbane – SOLD OUT
MAY 26 FRI – Elsewhere, Gold Coast – LTD TIX ON THE DOOR
MAY 27 SAT – Big Pineapple Music Festival – SOLD OUT

JUN 1 THU – Transit Bar, Canberra – TICKETS
JUN 2 FRI – Workers Club, Geelong – TICKETS
JUN 3 SAT – Corner Hotel, Melbourne – SOLD OUT
JUN 4 SUN – Corner Hotel, Melbourne – TICKETS

JUN 30 FRI – Whammy Bar, Auckland – TICKETS
JUL 1 SAT – Meow, Wellington – TICKETS