The brother of Pop Smoke can do a scarily good impression of the late rapper judging by his recent take on a Pop hit song.

As per Uproxx, Pop Smoke’s brother Obasi Jackson offered up his version of Pop’s hit ‘Dior’ on Instagram Live on Tuesday, January 12th. If you didn’t know it was Jackson performing, it’d be a challenge to differentiate between the two.

Pop Smoke, otherwise known as Bashar Barakah Jackson, was sadly killed last year in February, tragically aged just 20. He died from multiple chest wounds that happened during a home invasion at his house in Hollywood Hills, California.

Known for his influence on the New York drill movement, it will always be a case of what-if for Pop Smoke. His debut album, Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon, was only released posthumously in July.

Now his brother has kept his spirit living on with an eerily accurate impression in his honour. Obasi delivers the ‘Dior’ rap so well, capturing his brother’s distinctive flow incredibly spot-on. Obasi also recalls how freaked out Pop used to get when he performed it for him.

“I really do a good impression of Bashar,” he tells a woman after rapping along to the hit song “Dior.” Continuing: “I can sound like him when he does his songs, when he’s rapping. I mean, I don’t do it perfect, but I can do it. When he was alive, when he was here, I did it for him one time and he turned around and [gives surprised look] — I sound just like him.”

It’s a nice rendition for fans or friends who have been missing Pop Smoke since his passing almost a year ago. Viewers were understandably impressed by the performance.”You dead ass sound like him,” noted one viewer. Another simply wrote, “Omg Obasi.”

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