We’re back with another round of Positive Developments, this time with Brisbane venue owner, Pixie Weyand.

Our Positive Developments project is in collaboration with Brisbane photographer, Stewart Munro and it shines a spotlight on Brisbane’s flourishing local music scene, one feature at a time.

For this instalment, we spoke to Pixie Weyand about post-pandemic life, the challenges she faced as well as what she thought were the positives to come out of the year that was 2020.To read about what Pixie Weyand discovered, check out the feature below.

What is one unexpected thing you have discovered about yourself as a result of the pandemic? 

As much as I would like to thinkkkk I am a spontaneous human, I discovered I am a real big planner. I guess I feel a level of comfort in planning or controlling situations and outcomes, I’m really big on solutions, having a plan a, b & c.

In the pandemic I had to deal with the fact I had completely lost control of most major aspects of my life and there was literally nothing I could do about it.

It forced me to let go, life will take its own course and that’s okay, I just need to go with the flow and be flexible and adapt.

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What has this challenging time taught you in terms of business?

Think about what you can do, not what you can’t do.

What positives have come out of this situation?

I was forced to genuinely stop and take a breath for maybe the first time in my adult life. It gave me the time to re-evaluate and no matter how dark things seemed at the time, it reinforced how much I truly love what I do and how lucky I am to be part of the music community.

There is always something positive in every single situation, even if it may take some time to reveal what that is.

Do you have any advice for music industry workers on how to tweak their business for COVID?

Shake your business up, do those things you have been thinking about doing, ask questions and lean on your musical family, chances are what you are going through, someone else is experiencing the same pain or problem – you are not alone.

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Positive Developments: Pixie Weyand, owner of The Zoo