Posty, better known amongst the locals as Post Malone, has debuted his new face tattoo, and I kinda dig it to be honest.

Not one to ever shy away from a sick face tat, Post Malone has added a new member to the collection, and this time it is a Knight’s arm covered in armour brandishing a mace, running down the side of his face.

Now while this new ink may not be for everybody, you have to admit that Post Malone pulls it off better than anyone else could. How many people do you know with a mace on their face?

Before heading to Times Square in New York City for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve celebration, the 24-year-old singer stopped to see tattoo artist Kylie Hediger for some new ink.

Hediger posted a close-up of Post Malone’s new ink on Instagram, writing, “Last tattoo of 2019. Gauntlet on the baby boy @postmalone love u. 2020 is going to be next level. Love you all.”

Check out Hediger’s Instagram post showcasing Posty’s brand new face tat below.

The knightly nature of the brand new tat is most likely a fresh reference to one of Post Malone’s recent music videos, ‘Circles’, which features the artist clad in a full set of armour. You can check out the full video at the bottom of this post.

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Post Malone has spoken about the meaning of some of his face tattoos in a few interviews, saying:

I kinda just wanted, I don’t know, to piss off my mom. I know she’s really upset, but I love you so much, Mama. You’re the best. I’m sorry.

Maybe the tattoo isn’t a reference to ‘Circles’ and the guy just really likes knights. It’s really all up in the air at this point.

Check out the full video for ‘Circles’ by Post Malone below.