It’s been just under a month since the quirky surf punk art project that is BEACH PANIC! released their latest track, but now, they’re right back at it again.

First announced last year, BEACH PANIC! is a rather unique project put together by Tom Mitchell (aka Daddy Long Legs) and Daniel Marinakis (aka Dr M. Flamingo) from Belle Haven, alongside visual artist Yannica Stakelbeck-Keily (aka Tequila Sunrise).

A far cry from their usual sound, the new outfit allowed Tom and Dan to focus their creativity into a whole new approach, all while venturing down avenues that would go otherwise unexplored.

Releasing their debut EP, Ride The Tiger, in September of 2019, eager fans would likely have wondered just when they might receive more new music from their new favourite band. Thankfully, they’ve not kept fans waiting, with tracks like last month’s ‘Isolate With Me’ helping to scratch that itch.

Now, they’re right back at it again, with their latest single serving as the newest taste of their forthcoming record, which was produced entirely during quarantine.

“The beauty of BEACH PANIC! Sharing a household meant that when the COVID-19 pandemic struck and left all of us unemployed, we had no option but to take the next step and fully produce a new record ourselves at home,” the group explained of their new EP.

“‘Bumper Sticker’, our lead single and opening track to our new record Our Cloud was created in isolation and is possibly the most colourful, upbeat and energetic track we’ve ever made.”

A ’60s-inspired surf-punk anthem that features blistering beats, slick guitar work, some of the smoothest vocals you’ll hear anywhere, and a guest appearance from Terra’s Cassie Sutton, ‘Bumper Sticker’ is undoubtedly one of the most infectious and downright enjoyable songs you’ll hear for some time.

Featuring lyrics that centre around the fear of being hurt again, and questioning whether it’s worth putting your emotions on the line and risk another love, ‘Bumper Sticker’ also comes accompanied by a colourful music video which shows the group at their most energetic and playful.

“In the depths of stage 3 lockdown in Victoria we wanted to create a surreal video that could let our imagination explode, being stuck inside our home for months on end, we were craving a release,” the group explained. 

“Setting up our garage/art studio once again with a make-shift green screen with the aid of a few milk crates, a medicine ball and a few lights cable tied to the roof, we created a visual feast of ourselves living a very different life to that of COVID times, ranging from us cruising on a road trip, playing music in beautiful meadows and a beautiful soap opera lovers embrace between Daddy Long Legs and his future love, played by a Barbie Doll.

“Dark times and surroundings breed colourful imagination, BEACH PANIC! Once again has become our muse to create the surrealistic pop art world we desire and make us feel like ourselves again.”

While BEACH PANIC! are gearing up to release their Our Cloud EP on July 3rd, ‘Bumper Sticker’ is officially out on Friday, June 12th. However, if you can’t wait that long, you can point your peepers downwards and check out the clip today.

Check out ‘Bumper Sticker’ by BEACH PANIC!: