In a time when politicians are scapegoating “African gangs”, Melbournian and South Sudanese rapper Daniel Elia hits back, his latest track ‘I Know It Very Well’ dealing with the police profiling he faces on a daily basis, and the depression that can come from being a target in the world’s “most liveable city”.

The new single was recorded as part of a recent talent search called GRID Series (standing for ‘Grass Roots Indie Development’), which scoured Melbourne’s south east region for eight of its most promising emerging artists, each of whom received artist mentoring and production support to get one of their tracks off the ground.

In Daniel’s case, he’s come out the other side with a slickly-produced instrumental laden with lyrics that counter-balance ‘Burn City rap braggadocio against others that peel back the curtain on his own struggles.

It’s just the latest in a string of increasingly impressive cuts from the rapper, and you can check it out below ahead of its official release next week, along with a live version filmed as part of his work with GRID Series.

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