After lying in wait for a few years, HV Music have now dropped their smooth-as-hell EP TRAPSUPPER.

Perth-based hip hop group HV Music have been around since 2018 but rather than leap into the fire right away, the sextet – consisting of childhood friends Mornz, Luwii, Rzy, The Don, Jnr, and Keem – opted to bide their time and perfect their craft before unleashing it onto the world.

And after two years of hard work, HV Music decided now is the time to release their new EP, TRAPSUPPER, upon the world and prove to everyone that good things come to those who wait.

Well it seems like they may be onto something there.

Consisting of 13 tracks, the TRAPSUPPER EP is a slick ride from start to finish as each song is a meticulously crafted fusion of hip hop, trap, alternative R&B, and rap. The group aren’t shy about their influences as artists like Gunna, Lil Baby, Drake and Lil Durk are felt throughout their work.

You perhaps caught a glimpse of what this Perth-based hip hop group is capable off when they dropped their single, ‘Takeoff‘, last week, which was accompanied by a music video starring Luwii, Rzy, and Mornz.

With over 50,000 streams and several shows under their belt, the TRAPSUPPER EP is a big step towards bigger things for the group.

Right now, the team are looking at releasing more music videos, more collaborations, and performing more shows for the rest of 2020. One thing is for sure, we’ll be keeping a keen eye on what they do in the future.

In the words of the group themselves: “Never get complacent. Always try to be better and better everyday.”

TRAPSUPPER is out today (Friday, October 30th) so get on the HV Music train. You won’t regret it.

Check out TRAPSUPPER by HV Music: