Adelaide indie singer-songwriter Josh Kroehn has released one of the most immersive songs of the year, sharing the introspective new single, ‘Never Found’.

The last few years have undoubtedly been big ones for Adelaide’s own Josh Kroehn. With a few singles preceding the release of his Something I’ve Found EP last year, fans of powerful indie tunes have eagerly devoured his masterful compositions at every turn.

Now, Kroehn has returned with his first song of 2020, with ‘Never Found’ arriving ahead of its official release on Friday, June 26th.

Recorded at Adelaide’s Island Studios, ‘Never Found’ sees the exceptional artist’s passionate voice sharing soul-baring lyrics atop a simple yet effective finger-picked guitar line. Boasting a sound reminiscent of greats such as City And Colour, the track showcases the inimitable artistry of Kroehn, and cements his status as one of the country’s most promising musicians.

Despite coming together at the end of 2019, with a focus on the documentation of personal change and realisation, Kroehn notes that the idea of releasing a song in a period of isolation and self-reflection isn’t lost on him.

“I’ve found that the more I stay true to myself, the less involved I feel in certain relationships and friendships,” he explains. “I feel like in the past, I’ve tried becoming something I’m not in order to keep people happy, which I don’t want to do anymore as it took its toll on my own happiness.”

Arguably one of his finest works yet, and one of the finest tracks to come out of Adelaide so far this year, ‘Never Found’ is slated to appear on Kroehn’s debut album. Despite not having an official release date yet, it’s coming together quite nicely, with Kroehn looking to share new music with his eager fans in this forthcoming period of self-isolation.

Josh Kroehn’s ‘Never Found’ is officially out on Friday, June 26th, but you can give it an early listen below.

Check out ‘Never Found’ by Josh Kroehn: