Leonie Kingdom has managed to sum up the feelings of the whole world with her new song, offering a luscious ode to this year by way of ‘2020’.

For a couple of years now, Hervey Bay’s Leonie Kingdom has been turning heads thanks to her inimitable blend of indie, pop, and folk. Having first appeared on the scene by way of 2018’s ‘Night Terrors’, tracks like ‘So Much More’ and ‘Rhubarb’ soon followed, proving that big things are on the way.

Now, following a year that can only be described as “troublesome” for the world, Leonie Kingdom is back with her latest track, offering up the offbeat ‘2020’ as a relatable tribute to what we’ve experienced since the beginning of the year.

From recollections of getting lost in the city, an awkward request for a cigarette, and buying some late-night curry, lines such as “COVID got me eating all my feelings, and I’ve gained far too much weight“, and “I’ve been having a hard time feeling good, even though I know I should” manage to universally resonate with everyone who gives this gorgeous track a listen.

“It magnifies all the ‘non-event’ things that went wrong this year whilst subtly ignoring the elephant in the room that is the global pandemic,” Leonie explains of the track. “This is not your ordinary ‘sad’ song, the upbeat production married with pitiful lyrics give the overall song a lighthearted feel.”

Produced and mixed by Jarryd Shuker and Hein Cooper, ‘2020’ is equal parts humorous and dark, as it tells the story of a year gone by with a slight smirk and some lush, inviting instrumentation.

‘2020’ is set to be officially released on Friday, October 16th, and will undoubtedly become a fast favourite for many folks who’ve been searching for that one song to help crystallise their feelings of what we’ve all experienced this year. If you’re keen to get in on the ground floor of this stunning tune, give it a sneaky preview below.

Check out ‘2020’ by Leonie Kingdom: