Lucas James has brought together some of the biggest names in Aussie music for his Midnight Drags project, who share their new song, ‘Ronnie’, today.

Describing the music of Midnight Drags as “Rock/Power-Pop/Fuzz”, there’s bound to be something for everything hiding within the mind of Lucas James, the genius behind the name.

With a sound reminiscent of rock and pop icons such as Cheap Trick, The Knack, and Matthew Sweet, Midnight Drag’s new single is undoubtedly a musical breath of fresh air in a year that has been pretty forgettable.

Written by James, and recorded at his own Hot Bias Recording Studio with a who’s-who of Aussie musicians, including guitarist Ashley Naylor (Even, Paul Kelly Band), bassist Bill McDonald (Stephen Cummings, Frente!), and drummer Brett Wolfenden (The Casanovas, Wolfmother), the result is a powerful journey through love and loss and the chaotic dissolution of a relationship kept apart.

“‘Ronnie’ is a love song about yearning, regret and ultimately meeting one’s fate,” James explains. “It was (loosely) written about someone I know who went to jail. It’s written from the perspective of their confused and tormented loved one waiting on the outside.”

A stunning slice of power-pop that has “instant classic” written all over it, ‘Ronnie’ and the Midnight Drags project is a testament to the hard work put into the process by James, whose openness to collaboration helped result in something truly special.

“Midnight Drags was borne out of a desire to play some of my slightly scuzzy power-pop with a band as I’d usually always recorded on my own and tried to cover all bases by myself,” he explains. “This was a chance to let go of some of that creative control and allow other amazingly talented people to become part of the process and outcome. Glad I did.”

While Midnight Drags’ new album is scheduled to be released in early 2021, ‘Ronnie’ is officially released on Friday, October 9th. If you can’t wait that long though, point your peepers downwards and give this stunning tune a well-deserved listen.

Check out ‘Ronnie’ by Midnight Drags: