Perth producer and songwriter Nic Rollo is at it again, sharing ‘Shy Away’ as his sixth, and possibly best, single of 2020.

For most people, this year has been an excuse to lay low somewhat – to pump the brakes a tad while the world goes crazy, and allowing yourself to recharge so you can come back bigger and better the next year. For Nic Rollo though, the notion of taking it easy is one he’s clearly never heard of.

Earlier this year, Rollo had noted his plans for 2020 included working with a number of artists and collaborators, and releasing the numerous songs he had banked up. He clearly wasn’t kidding, because this year has seen the release of five other tracks, including ‘Monster’, ‘Heaven Knows’, ‘Talk About The Weather’, ‘Ain’t Romance’, and ‘Home’. Now, we can add ‘Shy Away’ to that ever-growing list.

A masterclass in what makes Rollo a notable name on the Aussie music scene, ‘Shy Away’ pairs electronic percussion with the breezy nostalgia of ’80s-inspired synths, while stellar harmonies pair with his introspective songwriting to create something truly beautiful. Produced and co-written with Sydney producer Obseen (better known to his mates as James Guido), the collab came about by way of Nic’s goal of moving into new territories, allowing his music to grow and to evolve in a much more mature direction.

“‘Shy Away’ is about the subtle signs of discontent or larger issues in a relationship, and how you often only see these signs in moments of intimacy,” Rollo explains. “I think we’ve all been in situations where a partner is being reserved or ‘shying away’… it’s always a scary wake up call, especially if you were unaware before that moment.”

While it remains to be seen what’s next on the horizon for Nic Rollo, we can sat with utmost certainty that it’ll include plenty of more stellar releases before too long. While ‘Shy Away’ isn’t officially released until Friday, November 27th, you can give the track a sneak peek by pointing your peepers downwards!

Check out ‘Shy Away’ by Nic Rollo: