Having spent the last couple of years dishing out a handful of stunning tracks, Melbourne-based musician Reilly Stapleton has just released the captivating ‘Impulse’.

If you’re a fan of slick songwriting, raw, emotional delivery, and a penchant for delivering some powerhouse performances along the way, then Reilly Stapleton just might be the musician you need in your life.

Having released a handful of awesome tunes over the last couple of years, including ‘This One’s On Me’ and ‘Lost Mind’, Stapleton draws influence from some of the greats, including Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, Florence And The Machine, and much more, with this eclectic sound shining through in each and every track.

Now, Reilly Stapleton has served up her latest track, the captivating ‘Impulse’. A stellar tune that is equal parts as intriguing as it is unsettling, ‘Impulse’ explores the darker side of the human psyche, while her forceful vocals and slick guitars soundtrack her deep dark thoughts.

“Impulse is reflective of the constant battle between our negative impulsions and our inner consciousness that provides you with a positive moral compass” Reilly says of the track. “The song uses violence, anger and control in order to convey this unavoidable conflict.

“When somebody has a short tolerance of anger they can withstand, it is generally our consciousness that holds us back from lashing out.”

‘Impulse’ is set for release on October 31st, but if you scroll a little further down, you can wrap your listening gear around it a couple of days early.

If you like what you’re hearing, Reilly Stapleton will be kicking off a launch show at Melbourne’s Grace Darling on Friday, November 1st. She’ll also be found performing a monthly residency at God’s Kitchen in Mornington until the rest of the year.

Check out ‘Impulse’ by Reilly Stapleton:

Reilly Stapleton Live Dates 2019:

Friday, November 1st
Grace Darling, Melbourne, VIC

Monthly Residency
God’s Kitchen, Mornington, VIC