We’re only a few days into 2021, but we might already have a contender for song of the year by way of ‘Something’, the latest single from Sydney songwriter and producer SA.MAY.

If you’ve had your finger on the pulse of the Australian music world in recent years, the name SA.MAY would be one that’s already familiar to you. Having released her debut EP back in 2017, May of last year saw the acclaimed artist return with the exceptional ‘Easier’, giving us an idea of just what was set to come.

Now, with 2020 having undoubtedly been a year many of us would like to forget, we’re moving into 2021 with new hopes, new positivity, and – most importantly – new music from SA.MAY!

Returning to our ears by way of the smooth ‘Easier’, the gorgeous cut was recorded at SA.MAY’s home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, with Brooklyn-based producer Tiger Darrow taking on mixing and additional instrumentation duties, before Andrew Edgson mastered the track at the acclaimed Studios 301.

A hazy, captivating number which sees SA.MAY at her absolute best, the slinky number is one focused on the idea of new relationships, new possibilities, and the new experiences that are still to come. Undoubtedly, it’s a more than fitting song for the time we find ourselves in.

“‘Something’ is about the start of a new relationship beginning to bloom, drawing on my own personal experiences,” SA.MAY explains. “It’s the start of a new era in my life, which is why I think it’s perfect to release in the New Year.”

While ‘Something’ receives a widespread release on Friday, January 8th, it remains to be seen just what’s next on the cards for SA.MAY. With this new single joining 2020’s ‘Easier’ as an example of the strong new body of work the Sydney artist has been curating, listeners will have to wait to see just when we’ll receive more of what SA.MAY has been cooking up.

SA.MAY’s ‘Something’ is released on Friday, January 8th.

Check out ‘Something’ by SA.MAY: