Melbourne based singer/songwriter Harrison Storm is getting ready to drop his stunning debut EP Sense Of Home (recorded with Hayden Calnin and mastered at Studios 301) this Tuesday the 31st March. 

Having released the single ‘Be Yourself’ to an overwhelmingly positive response including  over 30,000 plays on Sound Cloud) as well as airplay on US radio station KCRW FM.

Riding this wave of excitement Harrison Storm combines delicate acoustic guitar melodies with soothing pop vocals to deliver his mesmerizing brand of folk music, which is both heartfelt and raw.

Ahead of its release you can check out the EP below, and read Storm’s tack by track run down of the EP.

Sense of Home

“I wrote Sense of Home when I was still living with my parents on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. While at home I was having idealistic thoughts on family life, but in reality I felt a disconnection from what I was imagining in my head. I had visions of leaving and gaining new experiences somewhere else, more free.

The song was initially pretty depressing until I sat with it late one night and finished the last chorus, which was the part of the song that for me, contains the most truth. I had the pleasure of working with good friends on the EP, with Hayden Calnin really bringing out the depth on this track as producer. The combination of Justin Lewis’ slide guitar and Ruby Whitings backing vocals give the track a soft, haunting quality which is what I tried to create when making the first demo.”

Be Yourself

“Be Yourself was one of those songs that sat with me for a while before it made a real impression and started unfolding. It started as a sort of unspoken message to a friend, before eventually turning into a lesson for myself. Recording this song was full of special moments.

After spending way too long recording Broken Feather, we chose to come back to it and began working on Be Yourself. We had this moment where Justin was laying down lead guitar after the opening chorus, and after a few failed takes, Hayden re-set the vibe and Justin created this beautiful guitar melody and we all kind of flipped out and started high-fiving.

This track is Ruby’s favourite, so I asked her to sing on a lot of it, which she gladly accepted. I think she really adds to the meaning of the song which I couldn’t get with just me singing.”

The Words You Say

“This song came at the end of a pretty shitty relationship. It’s quite literal, simple and easy to understand and in my eyes was the end of a lot of bad decisions. Its almost a summary of recurring experiences I have had. In the studio Justin, Hayden and myself were stuck on ideas to give it life.

We were road testing some of Justins many guitars on the track, until he realised he had a banjo in the boot of his car. The banjo really adds to the tracks rolling feel, which I love. I tried playing keys on it, but it seems I have a lot of work to do. So Hayden laid down beautifully calculated keys, which is a real highlight for me on the track.”

Broken Feather

“I was seeing a girl who was from the other side of the world when this song was written. We were going on a lot of adventures in nature and I just started getting into meditation, hence the spiritual aspect of the lyrics.

I wrote the lyrics down on a piece of paper and went to her tiny apartment where I played her the song. Tears started rolling down her cheeks as I was dissecting the lyrics and we sat together for a while in this beautiful moment where we felt like we were on top of the world together. That time has passed but I still search for moments like those.

This song was the toughest to record. It was the first track we began in the studio, and we overcomplicated it almost beyond recognition. If you’ve seen this song live, you will know that the guitar percussion is its main feature. So I was super relieved we got to capture that in the recording.”

Tour Dates

Thursday April 2nd – Ding Dong Lounge | Melbourne, VIC
Tickets available at | 18+ only

Sunday April 5th – The Espy Hotel (Gershwin Room)  | Melbourne, VIC
Tickets available at | 18+ only

Sunday April 12th – The Evelyn Hotel | Melbourne, VIC
Tickets available at | 18+ only

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