Divinity, one of the original white doves owned by Prince, has died after a really strong innings, at the old age of 28. 

According to the Daily Mail, the late musician’s beloved dove passed away this week as her health deteriorated due to her late years. It was confirmed by a statement released by Prince’s Paisley Park estate.

“She was one of the enduring links to Prince for thousands of fans,” Paisley Park’s executive director, Alan Seiffert, said. “She was one of the enduring links to Prince for thousands of fans. She will be missed.”

While it’s sad news, it’s been a long time coming: domestic doves usually don’t live past about 15 years. What a wise, old sage. She outlived her adoring owner, Prince sadly passing away in 2016 from an opioid overdose.
And let’s be honest, Divinity led a way more interesting life than most humans thanks to his owner.

Prince once had a song in 1984 called ‘When Doves Cry’ so it’s not surprising that he found a future affinity with the animal. Divinity started living in Minnesota with Prince in the 90’s, one of many other doves that had the privilege of chilling out in the property’s atrium.

When the place then opened to the public in 2016, Divinity was supposedly a showstopper, welcoming tourists and visitors with her “beautiful coo.”

Divinity was also quite the rockstar. She was credited as a “singing” dove in Prince’s 2002 song ‘Arboretum’, a deep track on his fan club-only album One Nite Alone.

Fear not though, the legacy of doves in the Chanhassen mansion continues, with a new generation of young doves waiting in the wings – literally – to welcome people. “Although the original doves have passed on, visitors to Paisley Park will continue to enjoy the warm greetings from a new generation of doves that will continue to grace Prince’s home,” Mitch Maguire, the Legacy Preservationist, explained.

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