It’s sometimes easy to forget that while they may be tasked with protecting us and enforcing the law, behind their uniforms, police officers are really just people. They like all the same things you like, such as spreading Christmas-time cheer, and hate all the same things you hate, like Nickelback.

Taking a cue from the dancing Big Day Out cop that wowed us all back in January, the Queensland Police Service have decided to round out the year by taking to Facebook with a sly jab at the unfairly popular Canadian band, who’ve spent another year selling out arenas and providing punchlines for everyone’s bad music jokes.

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“Police media team report a suspicious package has been received as part of the office secret Santa,” read the post from the Queensland Police Service’s social media team. “It will now be destroyed,” they added, post-scripting with the tongue-in-cheek hashtags, #BlameCanada and #JokesOnUs.

Furthermore, having a look through the Queensland coppers’ social media page, they’ve shown themselves to be exemplary when it comes to online engagement with the general public, engaging in antics such as an ‘All I Want For Christmas’ parody that urges Queensland residents to watch their speed during the holiday season.

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