While she holds only four songs in her discography, it’s the quality of Jaguar Jonze‘s small discography that gives her a larger reach than most. With the release of the music video for her new track ‘Rabbit Hole,’ Jonze continues to impress.

The music video is simple but effective, with Jaguar Jonze being the centre of the action. The fast tempo and quick camera angles, however, contrast the set design, creating a multi-layered video that keeps viewers invested the whole way.

“’Rabbit Hole’ is about exploring the intricacies of the defence mechanisms we unknowingly construct in our minds as we go through life’s inevitable adversities,” says Jonze. “It’s about the complicated relationship we have with trauma and the way we react in the face of it.”

The track is from her 2020 debut EP, and with its crisp imagery, catchy chorus, and artistic layering, ‘Rabbit Hole’ is a loud statement by Jonze that she is only getting started.

You can watch the full video for ‘Rabbit Hole’, below:

Jaguar Jonze is the next big star

Jaguar Jonze brings us the new music video for "Rabbit Hole" – and it's incredible! Jonze is definitely one to keep an eye on!

Posted by Tone Deaf on Tuesday, 28 January 2020

With only four tracks in her discography (‘Rabbit Hole’, ‘You Got Left Behind,’ ‘Beijing Baby,’ and ‘Kill Me With Your Love’) Jonze is already turning the heads of listeners and critics worldwide. Garnering the attention of The Music, Fashion Journal, and yes, even Tone Deaf, and The Industry Observer, Jonze’s musical presence is spreading rapidly.

Jonze has also been given the opportunity to perform ‘Rabbit Hole’ at Eurovision – Australia Decides 2020, in front of millions of viewers – a testament to her sonic talent and unpredictability.

As Jaguar Jonze is tackling the music industry head on, I’d recommend keeping her on your radar.