The Australian music industry and community of local musicians is undoubtedly in crisis mode at the moment, with the global pandemic that is COVID-19 causing events, tours, and festivals to be cancelled, and robbing artists, performers, and those in the creative industry of a dependable income.

While a number of initiatives have sprung up to help support artists in this current time, the most effective way to continue supporting creatives is to buy their music and merch, hold onto any postponed tour tickets, and above all, stream their music as often as possible.

Here’s a list we’ll regularly update with community radio music directors from around the country of Australian artists much loved and supported by community radio and its dedicated listeners. Their music has been a source of strength, inspiration and connection. Some of these tracks are new releases, and others from artists who would otherwise be traveling and touring at this time.

3RRR FM Melbourne Music Director Simon Winkler continues this series with Australian music available on Amrap’s AirIt service to help compile a playlist of the best Aussie tunes doing the rounds on community radio to show your support to. As Simon explained earlier this year:

“Here is a small selection of some recent releases from local artists available on the brilliant Amrap. It’s a crucial service that enables artists to connect with community radio stations and audiences around the country, and I highly recommend all musicians to make their songs available in this way.

“With the ongoing, devastating impacts on our creative communities, we at Triple R encourage everyone, now more than ever, to support artists in any way they can. Please stream and share, and if you have the means, buy music and merch from artists.”


Logic1000 – ‘Perfume / Blossom’

Long awaited new material from Samantha Poulter aka Logic1000, an exceptional producer, DJ and label-founder now based in Berlin. Both these new tracks reflect Logic1000s skill in crafting absorbing arrangements and her precision in beat making.

Black Rock Band – ‘If It Was Me’

A beautiful blues and country-infused rock ballad by the Jabiru based rock group. It features on their forthcoming second album. which lead singer Richie Guymala calls “a reflection for us all to think about and maintain our culture and language. We created the album to encourage First Nations people around Australia and the world to stick together. This is building a bridge between the two different worlds that we live in.”

Cong Josie – ‘Leather Whip’

A new musical outlet for the musical polymath Nicolaas Oogjes, known as a pioneer of heat-beat with NO ZU. Cong Josie is a “fantasy world of a character that could be described as a snake-oil-salesman, a fake Aussie cowboy, a singer-of-sleaze and a hero of the outer-suburbs.

The sound of Cong manifests from deep within Nicolaas’ psyche: ’50s rock ‘n’ roll nostalgia meets pounding late-night electronics, switchblade-sharp rhythms express genuine heartfelt mental-health purging.” The music is every bit as transfixing as the bio – an instinctive, rhythmic, hypnotic experience.


June Jones – ‘Jenny (Breathe)’

A song that grips your attention from the very first drum fall, a richly detailed and atmospheric arrangement. June Jones recently signed with Remote Control, and Jenny (Breathe) is her first single for the label.

Speaking about the track to NME, Jones describes the song as “combining elements of traditional, contemporary, and futuristic, while retaining a strong sense of human emotion, as most of my favourite sci-fi writing does.” And also as “a song in which I am singing to myself as well as anyone who is hurting and needs a place to rest, recalibrate, and breathe.”

Danielle Ponder & Karate Boogaloo – ‘Look Around’

An outstanding, and deeply affecting collaboration between Melbourne soul outfit Karate Boogaloo and New York singer and activist Danielle Ponder. In response to events of this year, sales of the song in July and August went entirely to benefit the Equal Justice Initiative in the USA and Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance in Australia.

Christopher Port – ‘Slid’

Slid features on a new EP by the accomplished Melbourne producer Christopher Port, released on Pieeater Records. It’s a spectacular feat of percussive prowess, matched with immersive melodies that showcase Port’s superb production and performance abilities.


Moon Rituals – ‘Aura’

Just in time for the recent rising of an October Blue Moon, Sarah Hardiman and Mikey Young return from hiatus to release new music together, a poignant and powerful meditation on connection, loss, and grief. Along with Sarah’s vocals, Aura is carried by a crisp breakbeat, deep bass and soaring synth lines.

Kylie Auldist – ‘Just Show Me’

The latest solo LP from Kylie Auldist is a joyous set of electro boogie, funk and post-disco grooves, founded in the sounds of New York’s club scene of the early ’80s. ‘Just Show Me’ is a perfect example of the uplifting energy and triumphant songwriting on offer.

Ela Stiles – ‘Memory Can’t Help’

Taken from the most recent record by Ela Stiles, also known for her work in groups such as Songs, The Rangoons, J. Mcfarlane’s Reality Guest, Bushwalking, and Scott & Charlene’s Wedding. The tone, texture and nuance of each note, melody, and pause are full space to breathe on these compelling arrangements, performed exclusively with harmonium and voice. Some songs are past favourites, and others preview new tracks to follow.


Tiana Khasi – ‘Georgia’s Track (SO.Crates Remix)’

The original version appeared on Meghalaya, the brilliant EP from Brisbane-based artist Tiana Khasi. Each song drew together a range of influences and traditions to create a unique blend of soul, gospel, jazz, r&b and beats-based styles.

A recent collection of remixes invites us to revisit the material from new musical viewpoints, and includes this modern boom bap classic from SO.Crates.

Tim Shiel – ‘Get Into Your Love (feat. Lucy Roleff)’

Coliseum (feat. Genesis Owusu)Two new songs from producer, broadcaster, soundtrack composer and co-founder of Spirit Level, Tim Shiel. Tim’s inexhaustible work ethic yields a constant stream of captivating music, and these songs, featuring super talented peers Lucy Roleff, and Genesis Owusu, add to his growing list of creative collaborations.


Emma Donovan & The Putbacks – ‘Pink Skirt’

Feeling very grateful that the second half of 2020 sees the return of Emma Donovan and The Putbacks. Pink Skirt is a moving, soulful musical tribute to Donovan’s grandmother, and the time’s they’d sing together

Gregor – ‘The Rock (And The Stars)’

A terrestrial and celestial pop symphony from the Melbourne-based artist, whose Destiny LP is out this month on Chapter Music.

Party Dozen – ‘Scheiße Kunst (Peaking Lights Remix)’

The original version by saxophonist Kirsty Tickle and percussionist Jonathan Bouletis is a visceral thrill, and this new remix by Peaking Lights takes the track into deeper disco dub territory.

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