English alt-rockers Radiohead have been holding some “online meetings” to discuss what they are planning to do to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kid A and Amnesiac.

In an interview with NME, guitarist Ed O’Brien noted that fans are in for a good time when it comes to celebrating the upcoming 20th anniversary of their fourth and fifth studio albums.

While chatting about his forthcoming debut solo album Earth, O’Brien said that him and the band were currently “doing their own thing”, however they’ve been in discussions about the future of Radiohead, including anniversary activities.

“We’re an ongoing band and have online meetings – there was a Zoom call recently,” O’Brien mentioned. “We’re talking about stuff, but for the foreseeable future everyone is doing their own thing. When it feels right to plug back into Radiohead, then we will.”

“We’ve had different chapters in Radiohead life. Up until the end of OK Computer was one chapter; Kid A through to A Moon Shaped Pool was another chapter. We’ve sort of drawn a line now and are wondering what the next chapter will be. That’s what we’ll figure out next.”

As to what the band has in store for their double anniversary of both their 2000 and 2001 albums, O’Brien wasn’t very forthcoming, but did mention that there has been talk about a little something-something.

“Due to the nature of it, I can’t fully reveal anything – but there have been talks about ways of doing something,” he mentioned. “Everything gets thrown up in the air with coronavirus, so a lot of ideas are being mooted. It would be nice to honour it, but then there’s the struggle – how can you get that excited about an album that came out 20 years ago? I can’t.”

Even though we think he’s nuts for not being able to be excited about the albums that provided us so many great tracks such as ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ and ‘Pyramid Song’, O’Brien still says he’s thankful for the moment, and knows ” that it means a lot to people,” however he follows with, “but it was a long time ago.”

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“Personally speaking, looking back is not something I ever do. The past feels like a long time ago and isn’t something that feels important. Obviously I’m thankful that there’s an appetite for it. I’m not a fan of Radiohead, I’m in Radiohead. It’s a very different experience for me.”

Although there are no set-in-stone plans for what is to come with the double decade anniversary, frontman Thom Yorke revealed late last year that he was planning do to some exciting things with the material, noting that he had “recently found this box file of all the faxes I was sending and receiving from Stanley [Donwood/visual artist] about the artwork and they’re hilarious.”

“We’ve got some stuff that we were talking about, but I’m going to be particularly vague,” seems to be all that Radiohead is leaving us with right now, but knowing them, it’s bound to be as amazing as the albums themselves.

Check out ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ by Radiohead:

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