If you’re currently living in Los Angeles, look up to the sky, and you might see a massive Rammstein blimp looming over your head.

Sure Rammstein may be using the blimp as a visual tool to promote their 2020 North American tour, but it looks like the German metal band have actually set a blimp to the sky. If you’re in LA, you can look to the sky and see the real-life Rammstein airship careening across the blue skies.

That’s right. An actual blimp advertising Rammstein’s upcoming stadium tour of the States, Canada and Mexico was spotted Tuesday (Jan. 21) looming over Los Angeles. Visually, it’s nearly identical to the mock-up posited across various North American skylines in images that emerged last week from the band teasing the tour. Now, the blimp has become a reality in Southern California.

Of course, it’s a fitting display for the act that takes its name from the 1988 Ramstein air show disaster, an aircraft collision that occurred on an American airbase in what was then West Germany. (Although its direct influence on the band’s moniker has been somewhat retroactively obscured.) But it’s yet to be seen if the real Rammstein blimp will make its way to the other U.S. cities scheduled as the group’s tour destinations in 2020.

You can see all of the footage captured of the Rammstein blimps below. Thankfully some fans managed to whip out their cameras to bless us with the sightings.

In recent Rammstein news, there was a Rammstein song blasting all night in Hungary, which pissed off the locals. Here’s what we had to say on that story:

Rammstein have been causing a stir all year, from their first record in 10 years to rubbing it in the face of Russian LGBT laws.

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However, it turns out that their music isn’t immune from a good ol’ neighbourhood complaint for just being to damn loud.

The band’s banger of a new single Deutschland was mistakenly left blasting all night at the construction site for the new Puksas Arena, with a formal apology being issued from the site.

“There was an unpleasant noise from Monday to Tuesday which was caused by a technical error, according to the contractor. Necessary steps have been taken to ensure that such a case does not happen again” translated the hilarious Facebook post.

You can read the full story here.

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