It’s been a long time between drinks for German industrial-metal legends Rammstein, who haven’t released an album since 2009. However, a new interview with guitarist Richard Kruspe tends to indicate that the next record that the group release may just be their last.

As Blabbermouth reports, Rammstein’s Richard Kruspe spoke to Spain’s Resurrection Fest back in July, during which time he addressed the current state of the group’s follow-up to their 2009 record Liebe Ist Für Alle Da.

“I was very skeptical to go back with Rammstein into the studio, because last time we almost broke up because of making a record,” Kruspe stated. “So it’s just always very, very stressful and painful. And I think going through that experience – I was a little nervous about that. And we came up with a deal, or an agreement. We said that we wanna go back and only record maybe five songs, to not put any pressure on us.”

“We started, like, two years ago, and I can say just playing with the guys, for some reason, it was very natural and I had a lot of fun,” he said. “And since then, we’ve just created around twenty-eight ideas — I wouldn’t say ‘songs,’ but ideas. And somehow we managed to move back to the beginning of the world of Rammstein where we, basically, are very emotional and very enthusiastic about writing again. It wasn’t like that before. We came back to a point that everyone is really respecting the other one, and it feels kind of like a circle almost, that we start from zero again, which feels nice.”

Of course, while any band may have problems in the studio, especially after so many years in the game, Richard Kruspe admitted that he feels as though the next record that Rammstein releases may just be their very last.

“I just feel like, for some reason, that it’s gonna be the last record we do,” he admitted. “That’s a feeling — I can be wrong, but just at the moment, I feel like this is maybe the last shot we have, and I wanna give two hundred percent in that and make it as good as it can be.”

“When I listen to the stuff, there’s so much potential, and I’m very pleased about what we do at the moment. So I’m looking really forward to start recording maybe next year.”

Of course, if Richard Kruspe’s gut feeling is correct, and Rammstein will indeed call it quits after one more album, we can only hope that the group bring their ferocious live show back to Australia one last time. With the group last on Aussie shores for the 2011 Big Day Out, there have been rumours of the famous Download Festival finally coming to Australia, which saw Rammstein on the bill just last year. Could this be our best chance to see the group once more?

Only time will tell if Rammstein call it quits in the near future, but we’re certainly hoping these hard-rockers stay around for plenty of years to come.

Check out Richard Kruspe’s full interview with Spain’s Resurrection Fest below.

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