Redwood Hill has just released the third and final chapter of their trilogy, a monumental album that perfectly represents the evolution, the growth and the personal and collective journey of the Danish band.

Ender comes out today, March 20th via Rakkerpak Records and follows ‘Descender’ (2012) and ‘Collider’ (2014) and is already available on all digital platforms.

The post-metal / hardcore band express elements of a profound, cathartic experience. Everything revolves around the concepts of loss, solitude, depression and exclusion. Their own personal tales mix up with abstract ideas and take a new form, in a process meant to invite listeners to create their own narrative.

Listen to ‘Ender’ below.

The lyrical universe is thematically mirrored in the music: Haunting, desolate, massive and at times delicate and fragile. The result is a 70-minute journey into the harrowing universe of Redwood Hill.

Redwood Hill says:

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“We wanted many things for this new record: A more raw and gritty sound in comparison with former efforts, while retaining the ability to create big well-produced anthems and choruses. We wanted to push our songwriting capabilities to create a coherent record aiming to fully immerse listeners in our sombre soundscape.

In addition to our artistic ambitions, we also wanted to dive further into the technical aspects of the recording process. Early on we started playing with microphone choices and placement, how the recordings responded to the acoustic setup of the rehearsal space etc. We felt like we needed to take our time with this record and the DIY approach to recording allowed us to do pre-production ourselves – toying with the composition of the songs, riff architecture and drum grooves.

We decided early on that we wanted this album, the final chapter of our trilogy, to be a double album – A grand finale of sorts. The efforts required to write and record this behemoth of a record threatened to end the band several times. But even in the face of adversity, we feel like we have managed to achieve what we wanted; an album that combines the best of our earlier releases and adds new layers. Listeners of ‘Descender’ and ‘Collider’ will find many aspects of ‘Ender’ familiar – but further exploring and accentuating the elements that we feel makes a good Redwood Hill record. Finally, we would be remiss if we did not mention our collaboration with Rasmus G. Sejeresen from Rakkerpak Records on ‘Ender’. Rasmus is a long term friend of Redwood Hill and his input and support has been paramount in the process of getting ‘Ender’ ready for release. With his in-depth understanding of Scandinavian (post) metal/hardcore music and esthetics, work ethics and loyalty, we could not ask for a better partner on releasing ‘Ender’ than him and his DIY label Rakkerpak Records.”

Listen to ‘Polar’ below.

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