An Atlanta reporter really bought into the internet meme about Jack Harlow being a part of YSL to the point where they asked the DA about it.

After the indictment of YSL members such as Young Thug and Gunna, some people on Twitter decided to troll by suggesting that Jack Harlow was involved in and a member of YSL. Several people were circulating the joke online with a few of the tweets catching momentum and going viral. They must have gotten large enough to come in front of the eyes of a certain Atlanta reporter because they ran with it while asking questions to the district attorney.

One of the first initial tweets to begin the trolling joked that it was actually Jack Harlow that was involved, not Young Thug or Gunna. Many of the subsequent tweets followed the same joke format.

“I heard Jack Harlow was involved, not Young Thug and Gunna.”

“Ain’t Jack Harlow in YSL too?”

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“Free YSL! Arrest jack harlow!!!!”

“I couldve sworn Jack Harlow was apart of YSL too”

It seems like the joke partially stemmed from Jack Harlow’s recent album, Come Home the Kids Miss You which was widely panned.

“Jack Harlow album scored lower than Peppa Pig’s LMAOOO”

Here is the full string of tweets that cover both the reporter asking about Jack Harlow’s absence from the names of indicted individuals and subsequent questions regarding the case.

“Reporter:’The indictment’s got Young Thug, and a bunch of other rappers. But there’s one name I was expecting to see, and I didn’t, and that’s Jack Harlow. Can you speak to that?’ Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis responds: responds:”

“ok so, i’m assuming both the reporter/district attorney have no idea who Jack Harlow is”

“When asked about the type of sentencing they might be facing, Fulton County DA Fani Willis says “many people are looking at life under this indictment” “It is my opinion that violence in our communities deserves maximum penalties””

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