Ruby Fields is the future of Aussie rock, with an impressive collection of tracks that have cemented her talent as unwavering. But when the waves settle, what is this musical prodigy listening to her spare time?

We asked Ruby to send up some stellar new tunes that she’s been listening to recently, but instead she decided to send us memes. Yep, you heard it right, fresh memes. Thankfully they were incredible and hella relatable.

Sydney artist Ruby Fields first made her mark on the music scene in early 2017 with the release of her hit single ‘I Want’. Following her success, Ruby Fields released her second single ‘P Plates’ in August 2017, which made waves doe its irresistible charm.

It’s quite rare to witness a musician with the talent, motivation, and fervour that even musicians twice their age don’t yet have, but Ruby Fields has it in spades.

Setting a course for herself to be one of the biggest acts in the country, this artist relishes in any downtime that she can get, and right now her go-to spot for laughs and relaxation is Instagram, home to all of the many meme pages she follows.

Her favourite of all the meme pages? @bandmemes666, a page which specialises in memes that deal with the experiences that music lovers and musicians themselves can all relate to.

“Bandmemes666 is the perfect example of niche memes for musos,” said Ruby on the meme page, “It’s just about band relationships, gear talk, all that shit. We’ll (my band and I) tag each other in most of them.”

Here are some memes from the page that Ruby loves with all her heart.

Music and memes make the world go round, but combine the two and you have magic. Who knows, your favourite band right now might be liking the same memes that you do.

Every artist can relate to a bit of procrastination blues. Just gotta keep on keeping on.

This one totally speaks for itself. Be careful mixing alcohol with a live performance. It’s a doozy.

Come on guys, show some love when you’re in the crowd! We’ve all been to shows with a pretty lifeless audience, and we all know how much it can suck.