Cronulla alt-rock trailblazer Ruby Fields has shared a hilarious and heartwarming story about the first time she placed in the Hottest 100 countdown back in 2019.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Fields recalled the first time she was in the running for Hottest 100 glory.

“The year that ‘I Want’ and ‘P Plates’ came out we put on this party, it was really embarrassing. Not that we thought we were really gonna get in but we had hope,” she shared. 

“It got to number one obviously we weren’t in, and one of my mates just swapped the song after it went ‘triple j 100 number one’”

“Half my mates there were so stupid that they thought my song had got to number one, and I knew it hadn’t — so I kind of got the shits.”

Whilst Ruby Fields may have failed to score Hottest 100 glory in 2018, 2019 was a different story.

“Next year, when ‘Dinosaurs’ was a contender, we got all our friends around and everyone was like ‘Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again,” she shared.

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“As the day wore on, I had so much anxiety the lower the numbers got. Then it got down to 20 and we all just kind of looked at each other like, ‘It’s not going to happen this year, that’s okay. We still had the most incredible year anyway.”

In a strange twist of fate, a thunderstorm hit the area moments before ‘Dinosaurs’ would rank in the countdown.

“Finally when it got down to number 9, the power in our house went out from a thunderstorm. So we’re all just sitting there like ‘we didn’t get in anyway that’s fine.’

Then somebody walked in with a Makita playing our song. And we all just started losing it, someone put me on their shoulders.”

What a truly glorious story, you can check out Ruby relaying it below.

Ruby Fields recently announced that her long-awaited debut album, Been Doin’ It For a Bit, set for release on Friday, September 24th.

“Since I was 17 I’ve been doing the Ruby Fields thing, but I gave myself a break last year to finally come to terms with who I am as a person,” says Ruby of the album. “I’m not sure I’ve taken the time to reflect on that after high school.

“Making mistakes is part of life, but in 2020 my self-worth wasn’t validated by who I was on stage. So I’ve been working on being a better friend, partner, bandmate; just a better person.”

Ruby and her bandmates began recording Been Doin’ It For a Bit in Waikuku, New Zealand. However, as COVID-19 reared its head, the band were forced to regroup and complete the album at The Music Farm in Byron Bay.

In addition to announcing her debut album, Ruby recently launched her new online show, Fred’s Shed, a series in which she interviews guests and builds guitars with them. She’ll be giving away a custom-built guitar to one lucky fan that pre-orders her album. You can check out the pilot episode below and pre-order the album here.

Listen to ‘Song About A Boy’ by Ruby Fields

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