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“If you’re playing a festival stage in direct sunlight in the middle of summer, it’s akin to torture,” admits San Cisco singer Jordi Davieson when asked what makes the summer festival circuit different to other gigs.

Sounds intense, but the Aussie indie-pop trio is quick to reassure. “But apart from that, I think there is an electric energy about summertime. Everyone’s glowing after the festive season and ready for a good time.”

Aside from lazy days spent hanging out together in the sun, the band’s favourite thing to do over the summer period is tour. In January, they played a series of exclusive Summer DJ sets, taking over The Lobby at the Ace Hotel in Sydney. “We work a festival stage [but] I do love a small sweaty club show, it can be really fun,” Scarlett says.

Next, they’re excited to perform again at Groovin’ the Moo and Party in the Paddock, with a slew of other gigs squeezed in between promoting their highly anticipated new album.

“We haven’t done [Groovin’ the Moo] in quite a while, but it was one of our firsts,” Jordi says when asked which gig he’s most excited for.

This summer will be one to remember for the band, with a big focus on releasing and promoting their fifth studio album, Under the Light, on March 1st, 2024. The first single from the record, “Summer Days” ft. Nicholas Allbrook, is already proving to be this year’s summer anthem.

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But that’s not all they’re excited for. Festival season also presents the opportunity to see other acts and catch up with friends in the industry.

“It will be great to see our mates Ball Park Music and Lime Cordiale, and we are looking forward to watching some acts we have heard a lot about but haven’t seen live yet like Royel Otis and BIG WETT,” Jordi says.

Aside from getting on stage, in true Aussie style San Cisco just wants to be anywhere near the coast to soak up the rays. “We just love the warm weather,” he says. Enough said!

Watch San Cisco have a hit of tennis, talk about their most exciting gigs and summer plans here.

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