Amidst a mass amount of disagreement lately, System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian has spoken out about the love he has for his band mates.

This past month has seen System Of A Down members Serj Tankian and John Dolmayan feud it out across socials while the political climate boils over in the United States over President Donald Trump.

Where as Tankian maintains that Trump and his regime should be removed from office, Dolmayan has stated otherwise, and believes that Trump is a just and fair president.

While all of the drama has continued as System Of A Down fans continue to wait in the wings for new music to follow up 2005’s Hypnotize and Mesmerize.

Now, following both band members extending olive branches via social media, Tankian has spoken out about his take on the band, how much his band mates mean to him, despite their differences in opinion.

Speaking with Sona Oganesyan with HyeBrand, Tankian reiterated what he meant by an earlier statement of the band “not being able to see eye-to-eye” by stating: “I think we all see eye to eye and we respect each other as friends and band members, which is why we tour, which is why we have fun together, we rehearse together, we’re in the same space, we crack jokes.”

“Our only problem is seeing eye to eye artistically, and that’s not a bad thing. That’s what artists are.”

Continuing on, he stated that although there are things that have happened in the past, he’s not going to “regurgitate” the mess that’s occurred, noting that “the important thing is that we’ve gone beyond that.”

With all the arguing that’s recently occurred, may fans were wondering if there would ever be another System Of A Down record, and sadly, Tankian simply states that he doesn’t know.

“The important thing is that we enjoy each other. My friendship to Daron [Malakian] and the rest of the guys has always meant more than System Of A Down to me. Not everyone will say that to you, but I’ve always said that. Because that, to me, is more important. Because that’s where it started. The music was a byproduct of our friendship; our friendship wasn’t a byproduct of our music.”

Concluding the interview, Tankian said that while they all have different personalities, that’s okay: “That’s what’s made the music great. So it’s done that. But at the same time, we’re not all the same, we’re not always on the same page, and we’ll never be, really. And that’s okay.”

Check out Serj Tankian chatting with Sona Oganesyan on HyeBrand: