He’s given us an unlimited supply of fun and excitement, now our boy from Frankston, Seth Sentry, has given us a look at the morning after all the fun fades with the official video for his new cut, ‘Wrong One’.

I was once given the advice that if you can hear the morning birds on your way home from a night out, you need to reassess all your life choices.

Whether that’s right or wrong, there’s a tone, or texture perhaps, to ‘Wrong One’ that invokes the feelings of one of those nights. The nights where you should have gone home after the 2nd Whiskey sour, not the 22nd.

The tongue and cheeky is gone, for the most part, and the Nintendo Power Glove has been left at home. The Hell Boy is now a Hell Man and this Hell Man has some things to say about it: “Can’t kill a ghost, boy, I’m back for my revenge.”

Much like how Ben Affleck gave us a glimpse into a darker side of Batman, ‘Wrong One’ is a glimpse into the darker side of Seth Sentry.

Says Seth of the new video feature: “The thing to me about film clips is that often everybody has their own little movie in their heads playing when they listen to a song.

“Their own private screening. I thought it might be cool that instead of showing the action sequence we just show the before and after & leave the rest up to your imagination.”

Seth is currently celebrating his new single in style, with a run of headline shows throughout the land.

Check out ‘Wrong One’ by Seth Sentry:


Seth Sentry ‘Wrong One’ Single Tour

Friday, June 21st
Capitol, Perth, WA

Saturday, June 22nd
Prince Of Wales, Bunbury, WA

Sunday, June 23 (Sold Out)
Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide, SA

Tickets available from Seth Sentry’s website