Originally a B-side on her I Don’t Want To Let You Down EP, Sharon Van Etten’s ‘All Over Again’ now available digitally for the first time.

Sharon Van Etten has released a lot of new music this year. She recently joined Deep Sea Diver for ‘Impossible Weight’ and covered ‘(What’s So Funny Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding’ with Josh Homme. Earlier this year, we saw the release of singles ‘Beaten Down’ and ‘Staring At A Mountain’, along with a collaboration with Fountains of Wayne.

Now, however, Van Etten has pulled a page from the past and announced the digital release of ‘All Over Again’, the B-side from her EP I Don’t Want To Let You Down. The EP itself was a collection of tracks that couldn’t make it onto Van Etten’s 2014 album, Are We There.

‘All Over Again’, thus, is getting its digital debut almost five years after being released.

So, why this particular track?

In a short statement announcing the release, Van Etten explained why it was time for the song to see the virtual light.

“My 7″ I Don’t Want To Let You Down had a b-side that was never digitally released – until today,” she wrote on Instagram. “‘All Over Again’ is a deeply personal song written during the Are We There sessions. Brokenhearted years ago and driven to find true love, it’s hard to believe I was ever there when I look back now from such a fulfilled space. I’m humbled to share yet another vulnerable moment with you.”

Back in 2012, right around the release of Are We There, Van Etten described the album as ‘bittersweet’ to Interview Magazine: “It was written during the time home in between and just all of the time I’ve spent with the band, as well as my relationship. It ended up happening in the last two years of us growing apart because of my music and his insecurities that came out because of me being gone so much.

“It’s a blessing and a curse being in music because once things start going well, you need to tour all of the time and be gone nine months out of the year. How do you really nurture your relationship? I mean, it takes a really strong person to be able to deal with that. There are love songs on the record, but there is also a lot of struggle on there too.” She’d said.

Listen to Sharon Van Etten’s ‘All Over Again’: