If ever there was an Australian band deserving of all the acclaim and fame that gets thrown their way, it’s Newcastle’s Silverchair.

First forming as The Innocent Criminals back in 1992 when the members were around 12 years old, the band shot to fame in April of 1994 when they won a national band competition with their song ‘Tomorrow’.

Before long, the group were a worldwide hit, touring relentlessly with their grunge sound, and receiving critical acclaim at every turn – all before they even graduated high school.

Across a 19-year career, the band released a total of five albums, topping the ARIA charts with every one, and became one of Australia’s most beloved acts.

Using information from the Australian Charts website, we’ve compiled a list of the band’s biggest tracks, according to the music-loving public.

10. ‘Israel’s Son’

Peak Position: 11
Peak Date: June 11th, 1995
Hottest 100 Peak: N/A

One of the most ferocious singles from Silverchair’s debut album Frogstomp, ‘Israel’s Son’ was always set to be a hit. One of the few early tracks played by the group before their 2011 split, this tune was also famous for its role in a 1995 murder trial in the US which saw its lyrics cited as the reason for the killer’s actions.

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9. ‘Abuse Me’

Peak Position: 9
Peak Date: April 6th, 1997
Hottest 100 Peak: 83 (1998 All-Time countdown)

Released as the lead single from Freak Show in the US, ‘Abuse Me’ was a perfect example of Silverchair’s ability to continue writing stunning tracks after the success of their debut album. Showing no signs of slowing down, ‘Abuse Me’ helped show the band’s emotional side, with lyrics that appeared every bit as bitter as they were confronting.

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8. ‘Without You’

Peak Position: 8
Peak Date: May 26th, 2002
Hottest 100 Peak: 25

When 2002’s Diorama was released, it was clear that Silverchair’s sound was changing somewhat, with Daniel John’s instrument of choice being the piano this time around. Despite this, tracks like ‘Without You’ showed that the band’s skills had certainly not changed, and they were capable of delivering some absolutely stunning tracks.

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7. ‘Cemetery’

Peak Position: 5
Peak Date: July 13th, 1997
Hottest 100 Peak: N/A

One of Silverchair’s few singles not to make the Hottest 100, ‘Cemetery’ was the group’s first acoustic number, and was almost left off of Freak Show for fear of it being labelled a ballad. We’re glad it made the cut, because it ended up being one of the band’s most heartfelt moments up to that point.

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6. ‘The Greatest View’

Peak Position: 3
Peak Date: February 10th, 2002
Hottest 100 Peak: 10

Following a couple of years lying low, Silverchair returned in a big way back in 2002 with Diorama. With ‘The Greatest View’ serving as the record’s lead single, the band had stumbled upon an absolute classic, with its devastating composition and powerful lyrics turning it into one of their career highlights.

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5. ‘Anthem For The Year 2000’

Peak Position: 3
Peak Date: February 28th, 1999
Hottest 100 Peak: 29

On paper, ‘Anthem For The Year 2000’ might have only had a use-by period of only ten months, but that didn’t stop the group’s titular anthem for a new era scoring a bronze medal on the ARIA chart in the millennium’s final year. With lyrics of disillusionment and hope, ‘Anthem For The Year 2000’ is one that will always remain relevant.

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4. ‘Pure Massacre’

Peak Position: 2
Peak Date: January 29th, 1995
Hottest 100 Peak: N/A

Folks might have thought Silverchair were one-hit wonders after ‘Tomorrow’, but those opening bass notes of ‘Pure Massacre’ meant that the group were far from done when this tune was released as their second single. With lyrics that reference the Bosnian War, and one of their most powerful choruses to date, there’s no denying the impact of this phenomenal tune.

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3. ‘Straight Lines’

Peak Position: 1
Peak Date: March 25th, 2007
Hottest 100 Peak: 2

It’s rare for a band to see one of their biggest successes with their final album, but Silverchair were never ones to play by the rules. The lead single from 2007’s Young Modern, ‘Straight Lines’ was a phenomenon, winning three awards at the ARIA’s, and being famously pipped at the post for the 2007 Hottest 100 by just 13 votes. We demand a recount!

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2. ‘Freak’

Peak Position: 1
Peak Date: January 26th, 1997
Hottest 100 Peak: 13

How many #1 songs had you written by the time you were 17? If your name is Daniel Johns, then ‘Freak’ would have served as your second, and of your most memorable. While it remains one of Silverchair’s most iconic tracks, it also serves as one of the band’s heaviest, with that opening riff going down in Aussie guitar history.

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1. ‘Tomorrow’

Peak Position: 1
Peak Date: October 30th, 1994
Hottest 100 Peak: 5

When ‘Tomorrow’ was released back in 1994, few could have known what would lie ahead for Silverchair. With music, lyrics, and a live show that seemed far beyond the group’s average age of 14, ‘Tomorrow’ has to go down in history as one of the greatest debuts of all time, undeniably setting the stage for future brilliance with one of grunge’s most iconic tracks.

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