The music world is mourning the loss of Peter Starkie, guitarist of legendary Australian glam rock band Skyhooks. Starkie passed away in his home over the weekend. He was 72.

Starkie’s death was confirmed by the official Skyhooks Facebook account. “It’s with sadness that we have to post that one of the original Skyhooks- Peter Starkie has passed away (age 72),” the post read. “A tragic accident on Sunday led to his death. Our thoughts and condolences go out to Bob and family during this sad time.”

Peter’s brother, Bob Starkie, has since confirmed that Peter died “in one of those stupid ladder accidents.” Bob took to Facebook to share a lengthy post in memorial of his late brother.

“When Greg Macainsh was formulating his idea for Skyhooks, It was Dave Flett who recommended Peter as guitarist. So along with Peter Inglis, Steve Hill, Freddie Strauks and Greg Thus was born The Skyhooks first line-up. Peter has maintained his love of guitar,” he reminisced.

“He has played semi-regularly with Paul Madigan (for which he should have received a medal) and has maintained a constant playing relationship with Peter Inglis juggling the Sydney Melbourne tyranny of distance.

“Apart from being a fabulous guitarist he was a brother who I looked up to.”

Starkie’s musical touch permeates through the fabric of Australian music. The guitarist was a former member of The King Bees with Joe Camilleri, and later Lipp Arthur and the Double Decker Brothers, Starkie helped to co-found Skyhooks back in 1973, serving as guitarist alongside vocalist Steve Hill, guitarist Peter Ingliss, and mainstays Greg Macainsh on bass, and Freddie Strauks on drums.

His tenure with Skyhooks was short-lived, ending in August of 1973 after six months. Peter was replaced by his younger brother, Bob “Bongo” Starkie, who would remain with the group throughout their existence.

Check out ‘Carlton (Lygon Street Limbo)’ by Skyhooks: