You’re never far away from sleazy behaviour in rock n’ roll, where over-inflated egos, excessive booze, drugs and the adulation of fans make once mild mannered and respectful people turn in to lascivious, lewd and outrageously disgraceful rock stars. The evidence, your honour, is here…

10. Chuck Berry

Always a charmer with the ladies, Berry was busted for having installed hidden cameras in the cubicles of the ladies room of the restaurant he owned in the US State of Missouri.

9. David Lee Roth – Van Halen

The Van Halen front man introduced an incentive program for his roadies in which they were instructed to give out backstage passes to the best looking and biggest titted girls in the audience. Each pass was numbered and it was recorded which roadie had given each out. Diamond dave would then check the number on the pass of the groupie that came back to his hotel with him that night and give the roadie a $100 bonus the next day.

8. Bill Wyman – The Rolling Stones

The Stones bass player started dating the then 13 year old Mandy Smith while he was 47 – apparently with the consent of her mother. They later married in 1989 when she was 19. Unsurprisingly they divorced in 1991, with Smith later revealing they first had sex when he was 48 and she was 14. How he escaped jail is unfathomable.

7. Axl Rose – Guns n’ Roses

No stranger to sleazy behaviour, while he was recording the vocals on the Appetite for Destruction song ‘Rocket Queen’, Rose ordered a stripper to the recording studio and recorded her moans while he had sex with her which were used as backing ‘vocals’ on the final mix of the song.

6. The Runaways

Svengali manager Kim Fowley put the group of teenage girls together, before getting 15 year old singer Cherie Currie pregnant, while also sleeping with guitarists Lita Ford and Joan Jett.

5. The Beach Boys

Dennis Wilson gets hitched to his cousin and band mate Mike Love’s illegitimate teenage daughter, allegedly simply ‘to piss him off’.

4. Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis was on a British tour in 1958 when the 23 year old was asked by a suspicious journalist how old his wife, Myra Gale Brown was. The British press pack, horrified to learn from him that she was merely thirteen, further erupted with tabloid apoplexy when it was revealed that she was his cousin, forcing the tour to be cancelled and a scandal that followed him back to America.

3. Motley Crüe

Motley Crüe’s bad behaviour could fill a book (actually it did – their biography entitled The Dirt) but to use just one example bassist Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee had a competition to see who could go the longest without washing. Lasting several weeks, Sixx was forced to wash after a groupie who was in the middle of ‘servicing’ him vomited due to the stench.

2. Gene Simmons – Kiss

Simmons, who reckons he has slept with over 3,000 women, keeps a collection of thousands of polaroids depicting groupies performing explicit sexual acts – mostly with him.

1. Gary Glitter

Disgraced British rocker served several years in a Vietnamese jail for having sex with underage girls.

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