Influential funk rock band, and 2017 Bluesfest attendees, Slightly Stoopid have been making music for over 20 years, and their laidback attitudes and appetite for recreational drugs are well documented. However, they’ve decided to combine all these qualities with their love of music for their newest project.

While limited edition records, and records made out of interesting material such as ice and blood are hugely popular, Slightly Stoopid have gone and cooked up their own unique record made out of marijuana.

As Billboard reports, in 2016, the band decided press a record made of marijuana as a way to raise awareness for marijuana legalisation in America. As Billboard point out, vinyl sales are at a long-time high (no pun intended), and currently, 28 US states have made cannabis legal for medical or recreational use.

The group got together to make two prototypes of their new record pressed on bubble hash, a concentrated type of cannabis which bubbles when heated. Each prototype cost the band approximately US$6,000, meaning that there might not exactly be an economically viable method of producing these records en masse.

Pressed with the group’s song ‘Dabbington’, the first and second prototypes saw the record produced with a relatively questionable audio, though there are currently plans for a third pressing this year, with hopes of fine-tuning the pressing process to obtain a better sound out of the record.

As the band point out, the record is expected to be more of an art piece, rather than something you spin on your turntable in a hazy room. The group are also planning to make their own brand of bubble hash available at US dispensaries, with proceeds going towards cancer research.

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