The Smith Street Band put on a stellar night of entertainment, playing alongside their friends and favourite bands, with three support acts all performing very different styles of music. For those who were unfamiliar with their sounds, it definitely kept the audience guessing.

First up was Foxtrot, creating an energetic and jam-packed atmosphere. The band never once stopped communicating a lively vibe, their fast paced and crazed screamo-style lyrics accentuating their performance.

Then came The Bennies, who continued on this vibe. Their purpose for the night was to get the crowd out of their shells and ready to party – evident with their tracks all being about nights out and the mischief they’ve encountered.

There was definitely no hidden agenda with song titles such as, ‘Acid On My Brain’, ‘Mushroom Tea’, and ‘Bagz Of Weed’.

Following on were Hoodlum Shouts – bringing a whole different feel to the stage with their rock sound, combined with alternative poetic lyrics. They also threw in a bit of harmonica to add to their individual, creative approach. The band are memorable for their unique sound, their tracks showing their artistic talent.

After the numerous warm-up acts, the audience was more than ready for The Smith Street Band, instantly the band room was full to the brim and yet completely unprepared for what was about to take place. The words hectic and chaotic come to mind.

The next hour proved how much of a dedicated fan base the band has, the crowd singing along to every word of most tracks, and almost every guy in the mosh pit trying their hand at crowd surfing.

The set started off with a shot, singer Wil Wagner raising his glass to the audience and announcing the gig was dedicated to, “anyone who hates dub-step.” He’d won this reviewer over instantly.

Every track drew in the same level of enthusiasm, in particular the memorable, ‘I Want Friends’. Most can relate to Wagner’s honest words, “I want friends who don’t give a fuck again… I’m gonna do all of the things I said I’d do when I was a kid.”

The band shows their diversity in tracks such as  ‘Postcodes (For People Who Will Not Arrest Me)’, being mellow in some parts with lines like: “I don’t wanna work no more/I’m gonna make you so proud of me,” before building back up with quick worded phrases to drive into the chorus.

Their song ‘Sigourney Weaver’ was also a winner, Wagner’s passion makes the vocals more than just lyrics, he projects the enthusiasm of each song through his performance. It’s obvious the band has thought about each line, how it makes the song and the message it conveys.

They finish the set with an old track, ‘South East Facing Wall’, leaving with the resonating, catchy phrase, “someone famous just got caught/someone famous just got a divorce.

The band have such an outstanding impact on listeners with their tracks showcasing real issues that they’re passionate about, and they do a great job producing them in ways that create sing-along anthems.

It was perhaps the most excited music lovers the local gig venue had seen in a while, if not ever, The Smith Street band are Australia’s answer to modern day punk.

-Cass Savellis

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