CLC member Sorn has announced her departure from the K-pop group and her agency, Cube Entertainment, after ‘mutual discussions’.

CLC member Sorn has announced that she is leaving the K-pop group and her agency, Cube Entertainment.

In a short statement, Cube Entertainment confirmed that they had parted ways with Sorn after the expiration of her contract. “This decision was made following mutual discussion.” the statement said.

In a more personal statement released on her social media, Sorn thanked her fans and the other members of CLC for their support.

“For the past 10 years I’ve learnt so much from the whole experience. I’ve met six wonderful girls who’ve become my second family in Korea, some of whom I met when I was 15, on the first day I moved to Seoul,” she said.

“I’m so proud of everything we have achieved together as a team, and I’ve enjoyed every single moment with them through our ups and downs.” she continued, before also thanking her agency and fans.

With her departure, Sorn becomes the second CLC member to leave the group and her agency. In 2020, member Elkie also parted ways with the group, following disputes regarding her contract.

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In a letter posted online on Chinese social media website Weibo at the time, a Beijing-based law firm had reportedly approached Cube Entertainment regarding the termination of Elkie’s contract. Said letter alleged that Cube had violated the terms of her contract with regards to payments and providing support for CLC as a group or for Elkie as a solo artist.

While the authenticity of the letter was under question, a statement from Elkie did mention that she had “encountered many obstacles along the way.”

“It is what it is, sadly I couldn’t show you more and give you all I have,” she addressed fans in a public letter shortly before her departure.

“As of now, I feel that I haven’t been a successful artiste, at least I am not very satisfied with what I have done for you. That’s why I realised that I can’t let it be anymore. I want to do more for my loved ones, and I would like to show you all I have.” she wrote.

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