With only a handful of songs under her belt, Stellie has become the name on everyone’s lips. If you’re looking for some quality indie-pop balladry and bops, Stellie has it all in spades.

Stellie has been dominating the indie-pop scene with her infectious bops and tunes that she’s recently been trickling over to our unworthy ears. Now she’s found an irresistible cover of Foster the People’s ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ for us to sink our teeth into.

We’ve been simply hooked on ‘Love Me First’ since it first came out, shedding a few tears and dancing slowly in the moonlight to her sultry voice and catchy hooks.

This Adelaide singer-songwriter knows exactly how to hone her voice like a well-crafted weapon, so it’s no surprise that her Instagram is filled of artists of the same calibre as herself.

You can check out Azure covering Foster the People’s timeless hit ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ down below.

“I actually recently started following Azure, so the video popped up on my feed. I saw a photo of her and Matt Corby on my explore page so I clicked on her profile and loved the whole feel of it,” says Stellie.

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“I think I was first drawn to the whole ‘aesthetic’ of the video, its got a really cool old school look to it (I’m really into visual things) then when I actually listened it was like the icing on the cake. It’s so simple and imperfect but so so beautiful.”

It’s clear as day that just like Stellie, Azure Ryder has a voice like an angel, and beautifully covers ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ to a level that we didn’t even think was possible.

And if that didn’t quench your thirst for iconic covers of beloved songs, here is Azure covering a Springsteen classic to brighten up your entire day.

Stellie has just released her brand new song ‘Love Me First’, with a stunning acoustic video to accompany it.

No stranger to ballads and brilliance, we’re so glad that Stellie is making as many iconic songs as she is, and also has her eye on the scene as to who else is making waves.

Check out ‘Love Me First’ live below: