While not the biggest problem that Suicide Silence is facing this week (first being that frontman Eddie Hermida has been exposed for an alleged inappropriate relationship with a minor), the metalcore band are copping a lot of flack for their somewhat unusual meet and greet packages.

Those of you who dream of being a roadie for your favourite band? Suicide Silence is here to help. For the very affordable price of ‘far too fucking much’, you get to unload the gear from the Suicide Silence tour bus. That’s right! You could have the privilege of lugging Suicide Silence’s gear in to your hometown venue, and then have tour catering for dinner WITH THE CREW. Wild! And did we mention, you also get a tour laminate?

“Get the experience of a lifetime and be a roadie for a day when we roll through your city!” the band claims. All for only $150 USD. That’s right- you pay the band $150, and you get to work for them. Never mind the fact that traditionally artists actually pay professional crew members to work for them.

The feedback has been less than positive.



If you want to pay $150 to carry Suicide Silence’s gear in to a venue, get a sick laminate and eat tour catering with their actual crew, you can buy the package HERE. But we recommend not doing that because it’s literal horseshit.