Adelaide’s biggest musical export of the last 20 years, The Superjesus, have indicated that they might be up for reforming. Lead singer Sarah McLeod says that the band “never really broke up. It’s more of a hiatus. I was able to exercise all my musical curiosity, and that part was good for me. Lots of soul searching, really. There were a few mistakes made that cost me big time.”

However, she’s not discounting the chance of the band getting it all together again. She reckons that “I want to enjoy the things I was doing before. I’m ready for a solo record, to do the acoustic stuff and record one of the shows and re-form with Superjesus.” Her solo career kinda stiffed, and her proclamation of batting for both teams suggests that she’s realised that straight or dyke, her career would benefit from a band reunion.

Apparently she played a one off gig in the Adelaide Hills and she said that Superjesus bassist Stuart Rudd had inspired her decision to reform. “It was fantastic.” McLeod says, “There were a few tears. We hadn’t rehearsed and, yes, you remember everything… I’ve had personal things going on, [but] I’ve smoked down my embers. The fire department came in and cleared it up. It took many years. But I’m free! I’m going to have fun.”

Apparently it’s going to take about a year to organise a reformation, with McLeod admitting that former partner, and Superjesus guitarist, Chris Tennent will be the most difficult to convince that it’s worth getting up on stage. According to McLeod, “He’s not been playing at all… there are a few minor hurdles. It’ll be a long road but worth it.”