Take a look at our favourite Australian releases that have dropped this New Music Friday.

It’s new music Friday!!! Our favourite day at Tone Deaf HQ. No one has ever called it Tone Deaf HQ. It’s Friday, I don’t have the brain function to write an intro worth reading. I’m already thinking about the eggplant dumplings I’m going to devour at Chinese Noodle House tonight. I’m emotionally and intellectually checked out. Here are a bunch of our favourite Australian releases that have dropped today.

‘Playing With Fire’ – Crowded House

Ignoring the time-honoured debate on whether Crowded House are an Australian or New Zealand band, because their return is too exciting to involve myself in tedium. Crowded House are back — and they’re having more fun than ever. They’ve pulled off the impossible, writing a hopeful song about the bleakness of the pandemic.

And this time, let’s all be quiet
The next generation’s talking
We’re behind the wheel
We’re driving straight to the wall

“This song was formed out of a Crowded House jam, live in the studio but then evolved its character through many twists and turns during quarantine in 2020,” singer Neil Finn said in a statement. ” ‘Playing With Fire’ carries within it the contradiction I often feel on joyous occasions, the presence of hope together with an impending sense of doom.”

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‘Breaks and Caddy’s (Street Guide Part 02) – ONEFOUR

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Mount Druitt prophets ONEFOUR return with their second single of the year — part two of their three-song ‘Street Guide’ series. ‘Breaks and Caddy’s’ once again sees the group hark back to the drill sound that made them legend.

The series is an exploration of honour among thieves — a sentiment that dates back to ancient ancient Rome and the orator Cicero. “The idea that there is ‘Honour Among Thieves’, the belief that even society’s most hardened criminals live their life by a code of conduct,” a press release reads. It speaks to the collectives dedication to street ethics and survival against adversity.

‘Won’t Sleep’ – Tones and I

Tones and I is back with her first single of the year, and she’s on top form. ‘Won’t Sleep’ marks a sonic heel-turn for Tones — it’s a brooding, jolting track honouring the thrills of messy partying.

“I loved writing this song and playing around with the production, the bass and drums,” says Tones. It’s a song about me and my friends staying home and partying through lockdown.”

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‘Damaged’ – Miiesha

Since making her debut in 2019, Miiesha has had us under our thumb with a slew of gorgeous singles, ‘Black Privilege’, ‘Drowning’, ‘Twisting Words’ and ‘Hold Strong’. ‘Damaged’ is a gorgeous, airy pop track — the chorus is so damn infectious.

Where Are You Gonna Run’ – Manu Crooks

Trailblazing Sydney via Ghana rapper Manu Crooks has always been ahead of the curve. ‘Where Are You Gonna Run’ is built on cavernous bass tones and a fresh flow that is a testament to Manu’s versatility as an artist. It marks the fourth release we’ve heard from Crooks this year, following the excellent ‘Fall Apart,’ ‘Summer Fr3aks,’ and ‘Don’t Cross The Line.’

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Changing Colours – Babe Rainbow

Babe Rainbow are back with their fourth album, Changing Coloursa record we’ve been biting the bullet for since the release of their sumptuous Jaden Smith collaboration, ‘Your Imagination.’ Changing Colours is dreamy and idyllic, and has us collectively yearning to achieve that leisured state the band seem to reside in.

‘B2B Heartbeat’ – Donatachi

Sydney producer Donatachi is back, and this time the produced has collaborated with SoCal’s Cowgirl Clue to deliver a satisfying hit of hyper-pop sugar. ‘B2B Heartbeat’ is saccharine sweet that bangs at every conceivable level. Start UR morning right.

‘In The Stone’ – The Goon Sax

Brisbane’s The Goon Sax are back. Earlier this week, the band unveiled that their third album Mirror II will be released on July 9th via Matador. The record was produced alongside longtime PJ Harvey producer John Parish. ‘In The Stone’ is the darkest, glummest track we’ve heard from The Goon Sax thusfar. Pure heaven.

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‘Make Yourself Mad’ – DZ Deathrays

There is nothing more boring in this world than talking about good marketing campaigns, but we’ve got to give kudos where they’re due. DZ accompanied the release of ‘Make Yourself Mad’ by releasing the chords and lyrics to fans prior to it dropping, challenging them to create their own interpretation of the song.

‘Make Yourself Mad’ is a rallying cry against sensationalist media, designed to inflame our emotions and paranoia.

“Sometimes the simplest answer to people getting frustrated by other people’s opinions is to just leave it alone,” Shane Parsons explains of the track. “Remove yourself.” Stop doomscrolling and put your fist through a drywall to this gloriously angry track.

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