Around a year ago now, three anonymous Scots stood out of Glasgow with a synth-pop monster called ‘Lies’.

Now, CHVRCHES have exploded onto the electronic scene with their brilliant debut The Bones of What You Believe.

By combining today’s electronic soundscape – mystical atmospherics, ’80s influences, pulsing synths – with radio ready hooks and Lauren Mayberry’s dynamic vocals, CHVRCHES are carving their own niche in the electronic world.

Mayberry’s sci-fi soprano is the instrumental cog in this synth pop machine. She cuts through lyrics with incredible power, control and a Glaswegian warmth.

Her lyrical journey is dark, juxtaposed to the scintillating synth pop on display, as she sings ‘I’ll be a thorn in your side, ’til you die,’ displaying vengeance in ‘We Sink,’ and ‘I feel incapable of saying it’s over,’ exudes longing and despair in ‘Tether’.

Iain Cook and Martin Doherty match the songstress and are supremely talented producers that ignite this electro inferno. The sounds are full and masterfully mixed, the drums crash with a cause, the vocals are both restricted and free-flowing and the synth slices and falls.

CHVRCHES distincitive sound is a combination of crescendo cosmic M83 electro-pop in ‘Tether’ and the synth beats reminiscent of Depeche Mode shown in ‘Night Sky’. Each individual track is remarkably grand yet intricately confined and this passion rings true in ‘We Sink’, ‘By The Throat’ and ‘The Mother We Share’.

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The Bones of What You Believe is an immensely brilliant debut that sits among the upper echelon of amazing releases in 2013 – CHVRCHES have officially made it.

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